Friday, August 15, 2008

Super Sarah--A Guest Post

Hi there bloggers! My name is Jackee, I'm found at and I've been asked to guest post on my daughter Sarah's blog while she's out and about in Indy on a weekend excursion/visit with girlfriends. Now be off with you darling, while I post about you. (well, did you honestly think that I, your mother, could post about a random subject on your blog? No, not me, I have to tell a Sarah story, or brag about my lovely, talented, INSPIRED daughter to all of the internets.) If you are a regular at Spoonful of Sarah, you will know that she mentions her husband, "Spiderman". Oh, it has become an off handed nickname, one that he approves of because of his affinity to anything Spidey related. But did you know that Sarah herself has many aliases?
As a child, she was creative, bright and imaginative. She had a large interest in becoming characters from the movies or cartoons after she watched them on television. At the age of 2 she became Cinderella, at the age of 3 she was Mary Poppins and by the age of 4 and 5 she loved anything SUPER HERO related. She was fascinated by the special powers of the superhero's and really anything magical. Her imagination was intense, and often she tried to engage other kids in her fantasies, some mostly the boys would gladly participate. Given direction, those boys could follow commands, and play a role with her, so basically, they were the actors, she the director and so the story ensued. This was a popular pass time, dressing up, acting out little scenes of her fanciful mind. I had an old bag of odd clothing that we lovingly referred to as the dress up bag. Hats, belts, shawls, old prom dresses, glittery New Year's Eve shirts and accessories of all kinds could become the props and costumes of any given afternoon's play.
Remember the old Wonder Woman series with Linda Carter? Cheesy storyline, poor to midlevel acting, but wondrous lady with nice boobs and perfect teeth who had the magical powers. By day, Ugly Betty, but at the scent of danger, she spun round and round, flinging off her ridged serviceable spectacles and behold *Wonder Woman* in all her WICKED glory. Cute little strapless Red, White and Blue ensemble, with those gold cuff bracelets that bullets could bounce off of. She had a rope (or lasso- geeze, I cannot believe you didn't turn into a porn star-watching that kind of innuendo!) that could lasso you right out of trouble.
Check it out....
Sarah, using her imagination, and so should you, to see that she's just a girl, mild mannered bespectacled young woman in a visor....and as she spins…so off comes the glasses, visor and weird purple vest we found at a garage sale and poof!That’s as far as the costume got….you had to use your imagination to visualize the Wonder Woman get up.
Ah, childhood. Ahhhh Super powers.
Thanks for letting me guest post, babe. Drive Safely, have a good time!

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Lisa said...

She is super! I hope she has fun, and you are so nice to take over her blog for her.