Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Free Poke In The Eye

Today instead of going to work at the Chamber, I went to man a booth at a Back-to-School Health Fair.

I had never been to a Health Fair before. My booth was on Asthma education and I also took oxygen saturation readings. Many parents wanted me to diagnose their children with asthma right then and there....from an oxygen reading and by just looking at them. Cuz I'm a doctor don't ya know. They cleaned me out of brochures before lunch time!
There was a preschool class that came and they were adorable!
Behind these screens (you know my nosy ass had to see what they were doing) they were offering free vaccinations, school physicals, and teeth cleaning. For the children. Many a parent tried to take advantage of this for themselves. People love FREE stuff (myself included) I swear people would line up for miles for a FREE poke in they eye if they could.


Brandi said...

I stopped by the CHamber today. I forgot that you were doing that Health Fair. Sounds like you hgad great fun!!!!
It was nice to see everyone, I got to see Matt, Poonam, Marilyn, Roberta, and Sam.
I also met the other Matt and just for being there for 15 mins I FULLY understand why you might want to hurt him!!!!

Ang said...

Love the title. I've been surfing your blog for the past half hour. I'm glad you only let out a little bit of crazy at a time. :)

The Coconut Diaries said...

Well, when you put something behind a curtain it is gonna make people want to take a peak! Now I want to get my teeth cleaned behind a blue, cloth partition because that's what all the cool people do in your hood!