Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Is it completely wrong of me that I'm a little bit happy that it's pouring rain here in the region today? I mean it's like God is saying "I'm sorry you have to work you go: rain."

Or does that make me evil?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to Crazy Town!

Some of you who frequently read this blog or who know me IRL know that I'm a worrier by nature and a little (lot) neurotic. Being pregnant has done nothing to help this state. Here are some things that I have been worrying about since I became pregnant in no particular order:

  • What if I/Spiderman/ the baby dies?
  • What if the baby has downe's syndrome/ cerebral palsy/ ANYTHING wrong with it?
  • What if I don't like him?
  • What if he doesn't like me?
  • What if I have a bleed or throw a clot during delivery?
  • What if he's born prematurely?
  • What if he grows up to be an asshole?
  • Or a Radical Republican?
  • Where am I going to put him while I'm working? ( I still haven't figured that out yet)
  • What if he's allergic to the cats?
  • I hope I don't have postpartum depression ( I am prone to depression in general)
  • What if I don't like being a mom?
  • What if he has colic?
  • What if I get pregnant again right away?
  • What if I never have a waist again?

I'm sure there are more that I just can't think of right now. Is this normal? I try sharing some of these fears with Spiderman and he just freaks out even more and tells me he's already worried enough and not to make it worse. It's not helping that our air conditioner is currently broken, it's 90 degree's out, and Spiderman losing his job is a very real possibility.

I just can't help worrying.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Happy Friday

Today I had my hair cut/colored and then I had the most delicious nap. Is there anything better than a 2 hr nap in the middle of the day? I can think of very few things. Like maybe the chocolate truffles I made for the fundraising party I'm going to tomorrow. They are super easy to make and heavenly to eat.

Some of you may know that this time of year I usually do the Avon 2 Day walk for breast cancer in Chicago. I walk with a team in honor of a friend who passed from the disease. This year, I won't be able to do the walk being 7 mo. pregnant and all they don't recommend walking a marathon and a half. I still want to help support my team so I will be attending the fundraising party and bringing some snacks.

If I don't eat them all first.

And you know what else is awesome? This video. I wish I had this little girl's enthusiasm for life!

Monday, May 17, 2010

People are Strange

In all my years working in healthcare you'd think that I would have seen everything. But no, I'm still constantly surprised by the odd people out there.

The other day I had a patient whose first name was Cellophane. Yep. Cellophane. What the hell were her parents thinking?

Today I had a patient, a young man about 47 years old, who had throat cancer. He'd stopped taking his cancer meds because he was having drug interference and it was making him sick. What was the cancer drugs interfering with you ask?

The cocaine, and pint of gin that he has every day.

Of the three, it was the cancer meds he stopped? Seriously?

I don't know why I'm surprised.

Friday, May 14, 2010

An Open Letter To John Mayer

Dear John,

It would be really awesome if you could stop acting like a complete douche-bag. I mean, you're a very talented singer/songwriter and I have all of your albums so far. I would hate to have to boycott you because of your poor treatment of women, rude comments and general feats of assholery.

I still haven't been able to stomach anything Tom Cruise has done since he's proved to be a bag full of crazy. I'd hate to have that happen here.

What you should do is concentrate all your energy on making more awesome songs like this one:

And keeping your mouth shut.


Friday, May 7, 2010

The One Where I Peed My Pants

Anyone who works in health care knows of the breakneck pace we sometimes (most times) work at. We don't get a lot of breaks. Sometimes the minute or so it takes me to pee could be all the difference to someone. Because of this I have become a champion at "holding it". It has been really frustrating for me being pregnant and having to pee all the time. Especially not really being allowed to pee at work.

Earlier this week, I was on the floor doing my afternoon rounds and had to pee. I told myself I would just finish checking this one patient's life support machine and then I'd make a pit stop.

And then I sneezed. Very hard. And peed my pants.

I went into the bathroom down the hall and realized it was only my underpants that were really the issue and my actual scrub pants were still in pretty good shape. I decided to go downstairs to my department and use the bathroom there to remove my wet underpants. When I got there I was relieved that no one was around so I could safely hide the evidence in my locker. I went into the bathroom, quickly removed my panties, and headed back into the breakroom.

And ran smack into my male boss. With my large, wet, pink maternity underpants in my hand.

At this point I was so embarrassed I could not stop maniacally giggling. Thank God he has a wife and 3 young kids so he is pretty understanding of the whole pregnant-pee-your-pants thing.

I may have to get some depends.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

August or Bust

Every day I intend to post. And every day after work, I am just exhausted. It seems as though we're extra busy, but I could be biased because everything seems like it takes more effort for me now. My feet are swelling more and more after work...especially after my 12 hour shifts. At my last baby dr's appt I mentioned how I'm getting closer to the end and can see the finish line. He just looked at me like I was crazy. I still have a little over 3 months to go he pointed out. I told him that I have a lot going on in those three months and and they should go quickly.

I hope.

I mean, the summer always goes fast. I have things to prep for both at work, and getting ready for Ninja Baby. I have my shower in June. I have books to read and summer movies to watch. We have weddings, and baptisms and birthdays. Holidays and cookouts.

I'm a planner. I have always had a tendency to plan for and anticipate the future. Sometimes I'm so into thinking ahead that I forget to stop and enjoy the Now. Since being pregnant, I've tried to slow down and just enjoy the moment. I won't always be pregnant. I may not even be able to again. My house won't always be this quiet or this calm. I won't always have this much free time. I need to just Enjoy it now. Because my life as I know it is going to Change. In a big way. August will be here before I know it.

I hope.