Friday, May 14, 2010

An Open Letter To John Mayer

Dear John,

It would be really awesome if you could stop acting like a complete douche-bag. I mean, you're a very talented singer/songwriter and I have all of your albums so far. I would hate to have to boycott you because of your poor treatment of women, rude comments and general feats of assholery.

I still haven't been able to stomach anything Tom Cruise has done since he's proved to be a bag full of crazy. I'd hate to have that happen here.

What you should do is concentrate all your energy on making more awesome songs like this one:

And keeping your mouth shut.



readsalot said...

I agree! I love his music but when he speaks I like his music a little bit less. As for Tom Cruise, he is a big ball of crazy and I can't watch his movies the same way. His new one actually looks funny and I kind of want to see it. I'm embarrassed about that.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Entertainers drop off my "list" when they act like assholes. I like JM's music, but I also can't watch him sing it. He acts wierd. It's fer sure he was the dork in high school that noboby could stand.

talented though.

Adam said...

He says what he needs to say.

Amanda said...

I hate celebrities who purposely make their private lives public. It takes away from their credibility as an actor/musician etc because whenever you're listening/watching, you are thinking more about who they are as a person than what they are conveying in their music/films.