Friday, July 30, 2010

Finally, A Post About Something!

Last week I was reading the newspaper and found an article about a woman in Illinois who was convicted of reckless homicide. She had been painting her fingernails while driving her car and hit and killed a woman on a motorcycle. PAINTING HER FINGERNAILS!?!?!?

I mean, when you get into your car and paint your fingernails that is a conscious decision to not even remotely pay attention to driving. She was saying to herself that the state of her nails was more important than driving. It's not like she was temporarily distracted. She never even tried to pay attention.

More shocking than this is the fact that after being found guilty she was only sentenced to 18 months of intermittent jail time. INTERMITTENT JAIL TIME?!?!? What does that mean? Well, it means that she only has to Sleep in the jail at night. During the day she can go to work, seek medical care, perform community service and attend therapy. So explain to me, HOW is this a punishment?

Oh, and why does she need to attend therapy? The article says that she is distraught by her situation and sees a therapist daily. Um.....yeah.....she should be distraught.....She KILLED someone because she's a vain idiot. A vain idiot who also thinks that her sentence is too harsh.

At what point do we start to accept responsibility for our own actions? Am I the only one who is irritated by this situation? Granted, I am guilty of talking on my cell phone while driving, but I think there has to be some kind of limit to driving distractions. I kinda think they should have made an example out of her and given her a bit harsher sentence.

What do YOU think?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Question

I have a few posts in mind that I'm trying to get the energy up to write (also muster up some righteous indignation). Until then, I have a question for you all. It has been in the 100 degree area all weekend. Perfect weather for ice cream eating.

So tell me, on an ice cream cone which do you prefer: hand packed ice cream or soft serve?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Porno for Preggos

Thanks to you all for your baby predictions. I think I favor the predictions that have him coming out earlier because I AM READY. I haven't been posting much because I can't focus. This is in part because I feel restless and because I can't seem to ever get comfortable. I keep trying to lure him out by promising to buy him toys. I used to promise him cake and candy, but who am I kidding, he gets those now.

I recently purchased this:

It's like porn for me. I have a major sweet tooth even without being pregnant and it's even worse now. It doesn't help that this cookbook has pictures. I just flip through the pages looking at all the pictures drooling. With recipes like caramel-chocolate mini bars, black bottom cherry cheesecake, dark chocolate truffle cupcakes, and raspberry champagne cream cake who can blame me?

While I'm on maternity leave, it is my goal to make as many of these desserts as I can.

Who wants to be my guinea pig?

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Hope He's Punctual

Do you all notice the baby ticker on my sidebar? Well today it is at 34 days. 34 DAYS!!! It's coming up quickly. You know what that means......

Time for baby predictions!

My Official Due Date is Aug 15th. I'm kinda hoping he'll be a little earlier than that. My grandfather who passed away when I was little's birthday was Aug 7th. I think it would be cool for them to have the same Birthday. Also I have a friend born on Aug 9th. She's pulling for that day. I was 10 days early and Spiderman was way premature at 29 weeks so we do have a family history of earliness. (of course that was the first and last time Spiderman was early for ANYTHING)

So tell me, when do you think this kid's gonna be born?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Feels Good To Be Clean

Like most people (I hope) I shower every day. I prefer to shower in the evening. There's something soothing about washing the day's filth and stink away before getting into bed. Plus it means I get to sleep in longer in the morning which I love, love, love. Not that I don't also sometimes shower again in the AM. I just prefer the evening.

Most days I shower out of necessity and habit. Another task to be done. Like brushing my teeth or doing laundry. I don't think about it. Then there are some days where I have what I like to call the Best. Shower. Ever.

Do you ever have those?

You know what I mean. When a shower is more than just a chore. It somehow refreshes and replenishes you. Washes away all the crap from the day and makes you feel great.
Some examples?
  • When you shower after a long day of traveling, whether it be by plane or a long car ride.
  • That shower after a day spent at the beach or pool and you are greasy and sticky with sweat and sunscreen.
  • The first shower after you've been sick for several days. When your hair is gross and sticking to your face from a fever long broken and you've been in the same pj's for a few days.
  • For me, when I've been working a 12 hour shift and I'm covered in god-knows-what and my own sweat. When my hair and body smell like old people and death.

So tell me, what are some of your contenders for Best Shower Ever?