Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday's at the Chamber of Horrors

I love Sundays at the hospital. It's the day when all the family members who were too busy to visit during the week come in. They immediately jump down everyone's throat and accuse us of not giving their beloved grandma/father/brother/3rd cousin's best friend's daughter the very best treatment that money (the hospitals, not theirs) can buy. The entire extended family is in the room dressed in their Sunday best, fresh from church. You'd think they were having a picnic in there. After several hours of harassment to everyone on staff and talking to each other and not the patient, they all file out not to be seen again...until next Sunday.


JackeeG4glamorous said...

Appearances are what some people do best. We never really tend to think of others needs, only of ourselves. It's the "me" generation thing. P.S. I think of you often.

keepbreathing said...

"We care so deeply about grandpa that we only come once a week! We must compensate for our lack of care by acting angry and offended!"

This is what I hear when people bleat at me on the weekends. I swear we work in the same place.