Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hormones--They're good for you...Really.

Today I started my period. No really...that's a good thing. I'm over two weeks late. I've been waiting to start so that I can start taking Clomid (a fertility drug that will hopefully help me get pregnant with only ONE baby and not a litter!) For a while I was excited thinking that I was pregnant. After 4 or 5 negative pregnancy tests (I'm not obsessive) I called the doctor and they did a blood test. No baby....but still no period. So for the last week they've had me jacked up on hormones to induce it. Let me tell you...Hormones are AWESOME! I've been SO pleasant. Just ask my husband.
This morning I woke up bleeding as though someone stabbed me (attractive isn't it?) curled in a fetal position with horrible cramps. Even though I would have loved to stay in bed occasionally whimpering and eating huge amounts of chocolate, I still had school. I pulled on some sweatpants and headed out. I don't know about any of you but I become a Lean, Mean, Eating Machine once a month. On my way home from school I decided that I Really, Really, Desperately needed me some Taco Bell. About halfway home I decided to start snacking and noticed that they forgot to include the nachos to go along with my cup of cheese. Deep Breaths, Sarah. A cup of cheese is never bad. I briefly considered just eating it with a spoon. Thank God, Spiderman reminded me that we have chips at home. Anyway....I decided that I also needed some cookies to make up for the nacho incident. So here is what my healthy lunch looked like.
Maybe today would be a good day to start training for my Cancer walk. I probably need the exercise after this.

***LAPTOP UPDATE*** Dell says it shipped today!!

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