Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

New shoes+40 degree weather+having to pee due to all the H2O to keep "hydrated"= only walking a little over 2 miles today.
But hey, it's a start right? Better than laying on the couch and eating leftover cupcakes from this weekend's party.
I bought new walking shoes today. They're Nike's. For some reason Nike shoes fit me the best. I will say this though. Finding the right pair of shoes is difficult. Especially if you're picky like me. They all fit differently and have different supports. I must have tried on 30 pairs before purchasing my pair. These aren't the actual pair....very close though. They will probably last me a while as I am NOT sporty. I think it has something to do with my poor coordination.
I also am wearing my first ever sports bra. Can you believe it? I told you I wasn't sporty.
Hopefully the weather will be a little better for tomorrow's walk. I NEED to practice!!

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henry said...

You are right!! Practice makes a man perfect. I am high school runner and want to be a top runner in this world. My dad gifted me a pair of Nike running Nike air force one shoes few months back and my performance is improving.