Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Longest 2 Days EVER!

I don't often do things just because I want to. I usually have a reason. Something to gain. It usually has a purpose. I spend much of my time working. At work, at home, sometimes even Jack is work. It's easy to lose yourself in the daily grind.

I also have many regrets in my 33 years. Things I wished I'd done. I don't want to keep accumulating them.

Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to go to NYC. I remember playing with my Day & Night Barbie and imagining I was her. I would live in the city and be a business lady by day and turn my skirt around and party by night. I have not done that. In fact, I have never even been to New York.

But that is about to change.

My awesome sister-in-law is the founder of the Triple W Forum. It's a working woman's workshop that helps women going through life changes to integrate work with their home lives and to identify and achieve their goals. She recently launched her first workshop here in Chicago this past fall and it was HUGELY successful. Having just had Jack I was unable to go and I was very disappointed, but I told her that I would try to go to the next one. Well, the next one is in New York! With my surgery and the complications and crap I wasn't sure if I should go. I mean, it's expensive. I would have to take a day off work and I used up all my PTO with medical stuff. There were a million reasons not to go.

Basically, I talked myself out of going. Last Sunday after having a totally craptastic week at work I decided to call my sister-in-law. "Is it too late to sign up?" I asked her. She said no. I then talked to Spiderman and he said if I wanted to I should just do it. He encouraged me to book it right then before I changed my mind.

So I did.

This Thursday evening, after I get off work, I am flying to New York. I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!!! The workshop is going to be Awesome. I'm going to meet some fabulous women and hopefully learn some things from them. Plus? I'm going to get the chance to do some sight-seeing before I come home on Sunday. While I'm going to miss my boys terribly I have to admit this is going to be Wonderful! To want to do something and just do it? It feels so decadent!

So my question is: If you were going to New York for the first time what would you HAVE to see?