Monday, March 29, 2010

Blue vs Pink

About a month after I found out I was pregnant, I was sitting on the couch flipping through a Pottery Barn kids catalogue and just had this feeling that the baby was a boy. I can not explain the feeling. No factual evidence to back it up. I just knew. Since then I have kind of been thinking of the peanut as a boy and even have referred to it as a him several times. Over the last few months I've had several people tell me that they think it's a boy or a girl or even a helper monkey (that was Spiderman). When asked I tell people that I really don't care either way being my first baby and all.

But I think it's a boy. I've been wrong before. I thought my littlest nephew was a girl. I've also been right before. I knew my friend Angela was having a girl when even she did not.

Today we went in for our 20 week ultrasound. The one where it actually looks like a baby. The one where you can tell what sex it is. Before the ultrasound they make you drink 32 oz of fluid and tell you not to pee. Seriously? I drink an 8 oz beverage and pee four times. 32 oz? It's like torture!! Then you get there and they make you WAIT!!! FOREVER!!!!

Finally my name is called and I go into the room, leaving Spiderman to hold my purse. The ultrasound tech spends 10 minutes moving the probe around and taking measurements. Not saying a word. Then she goes out to get Spiderman and we finally get to see the pictures.

And it's a boy. Very much a boy. He kept putting his hand on it. Spiderman says what do we expect, it's not like he's got anything else in there to play with.

We're both very happy and excited. We can now start shopping and planning the nursery. And this sounds awful, but I'm not sure what I'm more happy about. The fact that it's a boy or the fact that I was right.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Funny

I found this video funny and thought I'd share it with you.

Happy Friday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Go Ahead, Rub My Belly!

One thing I have noticed lately is that once you start showing everyone wants to touch the belly.


Friends, family, coworkers....even random people in stores. What is it about being pregnant that makes you relinquish your right to personal space?

I don't know why this bothers me so much, but I have a few theories. With the exception of my mother, my immediate family was never physically affectionate. We are not huggy people. I can not tell you the last time I hugged my brother for example. I'm getting better about that since being exposed to my in-laws and my stepfather's family who are VERY huggy. They hug hello, goodbye, and nice to meet you.

Another reason could be I am very shy by nature. I know, hard to believe but I am. When I was growing up I was painfully shy and I still am socially awkward in situations where I don't know anyone or when I'm meeting someone new. I have always been shy about my emotions and would rather use humor than talk how I really feel. The thing that freaked me out the most about getting married was standing up in front of people and have them all looking at me. When approached by the space-invaders who rub my belly, it makes me uncomfortable to have all that attention.

I just don't like it. Some people are nice and ask permission. But what do you say to that? Permission means that there is a possibility of the person saying "no". If I say no, they look at me like "hey at least I asked". While I appreciate being asked, I hate being made to feel that the answer has to be yes. Why can't they wait till it comes out to play with it?
19 weeks
Where do you stand on the belly rubbing issue? Am I being totally weird about this? Is there a better way to handle it?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Eyesore

A few weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers Shannon posted a question on her site. She asked: What item of your spouses would you love to get rid of?
My first thought was just one item?
Then it came to me:

This picture. I still remember the Christmas that Spiderman's brother brought this out. At first I thought (hoped) that he was just showing us the picture. But no, it was for Spiderman. It's a three dimensional carved wooden picture of two tigers.

And it's enormous.

He wanted to hang it above our bed. After the horror of that thought wore off, I compromised and let it hang above our loveseat in the condo. When we moved I tried to "lose" it to no avail. It's now hanging in our basement living room. While I appreciate how much Spiderman loves it, I HATE it!

So tell me, what item of your spouses would you LOVE to get rid of?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Lord!




I have NEVER wanted to be Jennifer Aniston more in my entire life!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I haven't really had any one thing to blog about that would constitute an entire post so I saved them all up and now I've got a good random post.

  • I finally took my car to be fixed. I needed new struts and it had gotten so bad that it sounded like my wheels were going to fall off every time I drove it. My friend's hubby did an awesome job, it runs like new.
  • We have been having a "heat wave" this week with temps in the 40's and 50's. The snow has almost completely melted and I can actually see grass! Because of this, we've finally been able to take down our Christmas lights. Hillbilly's no more.
  • This past weekend I felt the peanut move. It was both cool and creepy at the same time. It's not quite strong enough to feel on the outside yet, just on the inside to which Spiderman replied, "That's Bullshit!" I think he's feeling left out. I told him that since I have to squeeze this thing out of me, it's only fair.
  • We've started cleaning out the baby's room which is currently our "junk" room. We have our next ultrasound on the 29th and should be able to tell what it is. After that I can get started on painting.
  • All this nice weather has made me realize how dirty my house is and I feel the need to do some Spring Cleaning. Anyone want to help?
  • At 4 months, I'm really starting to show now. I bought some maternity jeans from Old Navy and I may never wear real pants again. They are SO comfy.
  • I'm embarrased to say that the other night, while watching the Oscars, I ate almost an entire bag of OkeyDokey cheese popcorn.
  • I'm not sure, is it too soon to post a baby belly shot?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Met a Strong Woman Today

Today was one of those days that really make you think. I had to go on a transport to a local hospital to pick up a baby because that hospital didn't have a neonatal ICU. I packed my things and headed out in the ambulance. On the ride over the nurse filled me in on the background of the mother.

She was 21, and had been in the military. While serving in Iraq she was brutally raped by one of her fellow soldiers. And by brutal I mean that she suffered several broken bones and a pelvis that was fractured in multiple places. She'd had several surgeries for her injuries. This caused a lot of scarring that made for a difficult delivery. The baby was born by C-section and was having some respiratory distress.

After getting the baby settled in the transport isolette, we took her to see her mom one more time before heading on the road. As I watched her holding her little girl's hand I couldn't help but wonder what I would have done in her situation. Would I have been able to keep a daily reminder of that brutal act? No one would have faulted her if she would have given it up, or even chose not to have it.

I'm not sure what decision I would have made, and I'm very thankful that I don't have to.