Monday, July 7, 2008

Wanted: Secret Agent

What is it about me that makes people want to talk to me? Complete strangers feel the need to tell me their entire life story....their troubles....everything. My patients tell me WAY to much information every day. Just today I had a patient, housekeeper, and the check-out lady at the grocery store all share a part of their life with me.
Is it because I listen?
Do I seem approachable?
Maybe I missed my calling. I probably should have been a psychiatrist....or a spy. People seem to want to tell me their secrets. I probably could have been a kick ass spy. No one would have ever suspected me. I appear very trustworthy and innocent.
I guess I am those things.
I also have the wonderful ability to go completely unnoticed. I tend to be quiet, an observer, and blend in well with a crowd. Again, totally spy criteria.
I could wear disguises and have all sorts of cool gadgets. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.
If any agency out there needs a good spy....I'm available.
I guess you know where to find me.


thecoconutdiaries said...

Yes, you are all those things!

Oh, I want to be a spy, too, but only if I get to wear spiky leather heels and Chanel sunglasses. And I can kill people without breaking a nail. Or sweating. Or pulling a muscle.

Sarah said...

It must be the name, cause I have noticed I have that affect on people and have often wondered what makes me so approachable, yet wallpaper at the same time.

tracy said...

Yes, You are all of those things.. I always find it easy to tell you my secrets...cause I trust you with my life....and I love you. You are a super special person sara!