Saturday, July 26, 2008

100th Post! - Fall Musings

This is usually point of every summer that I start jonesing for Fall. It's usually around the first week of august. I love fall. It's my favorite time of year. My favorite of all the seasons. I love the fall so much that Spiderman and I were married in October. Outside. In a park near our house. It was beautiful. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (Christmas is the first). I love the 60 degree weather, the changing of the leaves, the rainy days, the beginning of school. Wait...did I just say I looked forward to SCHOOL? Well I do. I enjoy learning something new. Using my brain. I enjoy being busy. It isn't until the end of the semester, usually, that I start to get burnt out.
I love shopping for school supplies. Brand new folders, notebooks, pens and boxes of crayons with the sharp points still intact. I love going "school shopping" for new clothes every fall, and I still do it. I was telling Spiderman just the other day that I need a new pair of shoes....for school. They always have awesome sales on jeans and shoes in the fall. I stock up. I try to get a new purse twice a year. I have a spring/summer purse and a fall/winter purse. Each purse reflects my attitude. My spring/summer purse is usually less structured. Almost a hobo bag. It is always colorful and usually made out of cloth. My fall/winter purse is usually a standard bag in either black or brown leather, many times from Nine West.
The fall also brings with it the new television season. I love TV. I spend the whole summer waiting anxiously for the new season to start. I'm especially looking forward to the new season this year because last year's writer's strike ended many shows too soon. I have one or two shows every night that I look forward to watching. I can't wait!
In honor of my 100th post I'm having a contest. All you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post telling me what your favorite thing about fall is and I will pick a winner sometime next week. The winner gets a $25 gift card to happy place.
I look forward to hearing from you and maybe finding new things I love about fall.


Mimi's Toes said...

Oh, goody, I am the first to comment....and I Love Target! Would you believe my favorite time of year is Fall also! I love the smell of a campfire and watching the leaves change colors...I love to wear fall colors...I love carmel apples & popcorn balls. Congrats on 100 posts...

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Fall, all the leaves, all the promise of another wonderful winter, snug and cozy. A crisp fall afternoon lounging in the house reading a book, drinking "Our special tea we share with Reese Witherspoon" and listening to the windy rustle of the leaves, kids getting off the school bus. SWEATERS! Yeah for new fall sweaters! Soup! Everyone loves to cook soup in the cooler fall afternoons, and go apple picking and go pumpkin picking and make a Halloween costume and eat Pixie Stix and Reeses Peanut butter cups from your Halloween stash. Let me just say: Turkey dinner and football game on Thanksgiving with the entire family playing some board game.

Lisa said...

I could have used that gift card last night when I spent $23 on stuff for my classroom(and I won't get reimbursed.) I do like fall for the back to school rush it brings. I just fight it off as long as I can. Summer is "my" time, and when school starts it's all back to schedules and routines. It's a love-hate relationship really.
I'm with your mom on the sweaters. I love sweaters! Big, bulky, comfy, warm sweaters (I'll be sipping coffee though, not tea.)

Brandi said...

I like the fall also, you can wrap up in a nice warm sweater because it is not too cold yet for a heavy jacket and also not warm enough for a short sleeve shirt. You also can make homemade soups and enjoy them. My favorite sup to have in the fall/winter is Lemon Rice SOup(which Sarah gave me the recipe for) and it is wonderful.
New classes at school are also exciting, its something new to learn then like you said towards the end is when you get burned out.
Congrats on your 100th post!!!!

Mommy Instincts said...

my favorite thing about the fall is the changing of the leaves, the cool crisp air, and the pumpkin patch. i love the fact that this year will be even better because my son is a year older (now 16 months) and will experience the whole pumpkin patch in a different way. i can't wait!


thecoconutdiaries said...

Summer, summer, summer. Summer is all about experimenting. New hair, new boy, tans. Vacations, risks, fruity drinks, umbrellas, promises. Trips, fireworks, paid days off, BBQs.

It's like New Year's, only with tinier clothes!

My Wonderful Men said...

The thing I love about fall - has to be the change of color, everything changes color.
It just reminds me that nothing in life is for good, things are always changing nothing ever stays the same, tomorrows a new day. It's like hope, faith and love.

Mel, A Dramatic Mommy said...

The clothes! Every fall I wish I lived back in Chicago. I love boots and sweaters, scarves and hats. And I love jackets. We don't get too many days to wear them here in So Cal though. Congrats on the 100th!