Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Learning Is A Good Thing!

I'm really enjoying my new position in education so far. I have some interesting students and they're getting to the really interesting part of their program....ICU. We also have SO many new employees and I'm helping to orientate them. This actually has proven to be fun and interesting. As I'm orientating I'm rediscovering what I loved about respiratory. It looks like several of the new graduates that we recently hired are going to grow into really amazing therapists and I'm hopeful that the Chamber can make a turn around. (Especially now that we're under new management). I have noticed that with so many new people starting some things have fallen through the cracks though. Not everyone was trained on the same things or even the same way. What's great is it is now MY JOB to make sure everyone is on the same page and to train them. This is what I enjoy doing. Teaching.
The down side of this is that not everyone WANTS to be taught. I'm getting some attitude, especially from some of the therapists that have been there a while. We're getting a new lab system that goes live on July 15th. THEY NEED TO LEARN THIS. It's not optional.

On a brighter note: Here is a picture I took this past weekend of a bird who I think is just learning to fly. He took a little break from his attempts and stood on our front porch chirping for his mom for a while until she showed up and flew off with him.

See...EVERYBODY has things to learn! Go with the flow.

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