Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Rant on Healthcare

I'm sorry, but this is going to be a rant.
I've said this before, I work in health care. A hospital to be more exact. I lovingly call it the Chamber of Horrors, (I also call it that because I don't want to be fired for my blog) but seriously, we're not THAT bad of a hospital. I wouldn't have worked there for 9 years if it was a bad hospital. Just like most people I get frustrated by my job. I am good at my job. Every day I have to deal with patients who aren't the most cooperative or nice even. I am always pleasant and accommodating to them and their families. (I may bitch up a storm to my husband when I get home, but at work I'm pleasant) I'm nice even if I don't want to be, because THATS.MY.JOB. I get paid to help these people. It doesn't matter how I feel, or how they act. They need my expertise and help and I get paid to give it to them. It's my responsibility to provide good care.
And I do.
Sometimes it's painful, but I do.
Because of this, I absolutely CAN NOT STAND receiving poor care or customer service. I cannot handle if check out ladies, or waiters are rude because this. is. their. job. I especially will not tolerate when I receive poor health care. Over the weekend my grandmother had to be admitted to the hospital. My hospital. She has received really good care from the aides and nurses and general staff. They were polite and helpful to my grandmother (aside from one small choking incident, but that's a whole other story) Until today. Today she had a nurse that I wanted to kill. I know this nurse from a different angle, as a coworker. I can't stand her, but I figured maybe she's different with her patients. Maybe she too, is good at her job.
Now, my grandmother is not the easiest of patients. She gets confused, wants things her way, and can be a general pain in the ass at times. But she is still a patient. She has always had night terrors which have been made worse because she is out of her environment. She doesn't often leave her house and when she does, she has some anxiety. She'd had a rough night yesterday night and my mother called to see how her night was last night. All she was met with was a nurse who was rude and unhelpful.
I worked all day and would go peek in for a short visit during my breaks today. My grandmother was NOT happy with her nurse who she said was basically ignoring her. There was some talk about her being discharged and I wondered if it would be at a time that I could just drive her home on my way home. I checked with her nurse. Mind you, I didn't say who I was in relation to the patient. All I said was that the patient in room ten wondered if she was going to be discharged today. This nurse then proceeds to tell me that she "talked to the daughter, who didn't seem to know anything" and continues to talk shit about my mother. To me. Now, this is unprofessional behavior to begin with. It was completely appalling that she said it to ME! I waited until she was done and calmly said. "That's my mother you're talking about. I'm the patient's granddaughter." Any normal person would be mortified. This bitch was not. She got even bigger attitude. I'm going to have her written up.
I am SO mad that my grandmother received this poor care. Even more so I'm embarrassed that it happened in MY hospital.
This is unacceptable.


Brandi said...

Is it a nurse I know? I was hoping that the place was getting better, but remember the last time I was in there?
Definetly write her up that is the only way it will be adressed.

My Wonderful Men said...

Wow! I don't even know if I should even begin to comment because I would fill this entire blog when it comes to poor patient care. You are so right about when you work in patient care or have worked (I did for many, many years) you expect so much more from the nurses, docs and other providers.

Write her up make sure that is addressed. Like I said I won't begin my rant but what a bitch for talking about your gram and your mom - to you!

Hope your gram is doing better. Bless her, to bad she had to put up with that.

Tracy said...

OMG...See Sarah, this is one of the reasons that I am choosing to leave the Chamber of Horrors, I can not and will not tolerate poor patient care.. I wish I had taken care of Grandma, I would of been good to her. You are right, we are not that bad of a hospital, but there are some very bad seeds and the fact that administration doesn't care and continues to allow things like this to happen is appalling to me and I am just not proud to work there anymore. I will miss you dearly, but I think that just means that we will have to make more of an effort to see one another and call one another. I am off to the chamber of horrors this evening. I think after that I only have like 15 more shifts. xo

thecoconutdiaries said...

Bitch must be slapped!

thecoconutdiaries said...

Can you report her???