Monday, June 2, 2008

For Two Days, We Walk As One

The Avon Walk was amazing! Every muscle in my body aches, my blisters have blisters, and today my feet are swollen the size of footballs, but it was worth it! I thought I'd share a little of my weekend with you.
First, All Rock Star Fan's (my team name) have to start their adventure eating at the Hard Rock Cafe.
We did this the night before the walk. The next morning we started at Soldier Field.
The morning of, there were SO many people there! This year was the largest walk in the history of the Avon Walk. There were roughly 4,500 people that walked this year in the fight against breast cancer.
We raised $9.1 million for the cause! And then the walk began. We walked....
And walked....the first part was all along the shore line and it was gorgeous! There was a LOT of walking, but every 2 miles there were rest stops set up. Some of them even had themes.
This one had a Hollywood theme. We paused briefly for pictures. Every rest stop had bathrooms, refills on water or gatorade, and this:
My favorite part. SNACKS!! I feel like I ate, drank, and peed all day long.
Jen and I carried shiny coins in memory of Maryann's friend who died from breast cancer.
The amount of support we received was incredible. People driving by would honk and wave. They advertised the route in advance and people would line the streets to cheer us on shouting words of encouragement.
There were almost naked men cheering from balcony's.
You might think it's corny, but when you're in it, doing the walking, those words REALLY help you to go on. I'm going to have a hard time doing anything now without applause and shouts of "thank you for walking", "you can do it!"

There were even pink ambulances there in case we needed them!
Our reason for walking.
The group at the finish line at the end of day one. Through the arches is the wellness village where the tents are set up for the night. They also served food, had medical attention, and other services set up. Services that I REALLY needed.
They had yoga for stretching and relaxing.
They also had massages for my sore muscles. See this lady? I could have married her. She was FABULOUS! Day two was much harder, but we circled back through the city and headed home towards Soldier Field.
If I ever move to the city, I just might have to live in this building. I would wear a tiara all the time.
Rock Stars at the halfway point on day two. In the picture is Me, my sister-in-law Jen (Rachelle's sister), Craig (Rachelle's husband), Karen (friend of the family), and my brother-in-law Phil (Spiderman's brother). You can see the city in the distance.
We walked all through the city and it was a gorgeous day.
The Rock Star Fans at the finish line at Soldier Field. WE DID IT!!!! In the center of the picture is Rachelle's son Connor who joined us for the last few miles. He's a trooper.
When we got home, Spiderman bought me a "prize" for finishing. Pink crystal earrings, and a Hershey kiss necklace with a pink heart.

He's proud of me.

I'm proud of me too. I can't wait for next year!


JackeeG4glamorous said...

Spiderman has such good taste! (and he knows you so well) I am so proud of you too. Rachelle would have loved that you and Jen were buds, in remembrance of her. I think that she arranged it that way. :)

Melanie said...

Way to go girl! Those photos bring back so many memories and make me want to go back to the city so badly!

We moved to So Cal when I was 9 and I've only been back twice. I hope your feet heal quickly!

Brandi said...

Im so glad you did it Sarah, it sounds like it was great fun and for a good cause. I looked at the blog from Rachelles friend and it made me cry and you know I never cry. Maybe next year I can do it with you!!!

lilgeorgie'smom said...

Good going Sarah. I am so proud of you. I am glad that you and your family and friends did this to honor your friend Rachelle.Once again..good job!!!

Carbon Based said...

Well Done!

Tracy said...

Sarah--I too am proud of you and I read your friends blog out Rachelle and I cried....

Kristabella said...

Congrats on finishing! That is awesome and awe-inspiring!

Angela said...

Congrats! That is pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing. Nice prizes. I hope Spiderman realizes that he has started something he will have to continue...:) See you next week.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! That is pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing. Nice prizes. I hope Spiderman realizes that he has started something he will have to continue...:) See you next week.