Monday, June 9, 2008

Nostalgia Week

The other day, I bought a new scrub top. It has Rainbow Brite on it and it totally reminded me of my childhood. My little sister was VERY into Rainbow Brite and even wanted to name one of her children that. (hopefully you've changed your mind Abbie) It inspired several conversations with coworkers also and we got to reminiscing. Do you remember Thundercats, Holly Hobbie, Colorforms, and He-Man/She-Ra?
So where am I going with this? These conversations are my inspiration for this week. I'm calling it Nostalgia Week. Every post this week will be a tale from my past. Some will even have pictures, if I can find them.
The first tale is from when I was in the fourth grade. I used to love climbing trees. My grandmother had a great weeping willow on her property and all the grandchildren loved to spend hours safely covered in its branches. Until one afternoon in October. My brother and cousin and I were playing in the willow and I was the highest. Did you know that the higher you get in a willow tree, the more brittle the branches? I did not. One of them broke and I plummeted to the ground landing on my back (thank God for my puffy fall coat) with my knee ramming up and hitting me in the eye. My cousin ran into the house as fast as his legs could carry him shouting "Sarah fell out of the tree and her brains are everywhere!" The entire family rushed outside and my father scooped me into his arms. I was covering my face with my hands and crying. "She's alright." he told the concerned faces. Until I removed my hands from my face. I was taken to the emergency room where I was separated from my parents while the staff there kept asking me "Who did this to you?" until they were satisfied with my story. I had one hell of a shiner.
The next day I stayed home from school as my eye was almost swollen shut. The day after I wore oversized sunglasses to school and was "famous" for a while as the girl with the wicked black eye.
To this day whenever I get really tired, that eye gets a darker circle under it than the other and you can see shades of what once was.


JackeeG4glamorous said...

Ok, I'm first to comment, no big whoop. (it's usual, to be expected almost)
That day went down in "history" for you, and for me as well. That is the day I can say, took a few years off my life in worry. Just look at that eye! It stayed that way for months! Everytime I looked at you, I felt worse. At least I didn't get faint, like when you got your ears pierced! Young mom's beware, they will break, they don't bend all that well, and hell, they bruise easily!

tracy said...

Sarah--I came home from work that day and was telling me kids about the conversation we had about the old cartoon characters we used to watch...that was so fun....we need to get together outside of that hell hole... Love you girlie. And hey i think you are just as beautiful the shiner as you are without it.