Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nostalgia Week- Origins of SuperSarah

When I was a little girl I often wanted to be Wonder Woman/Supergirl/Mary Poppins. I was very into SuperFriends the cartoon. Remember the Wonder Twins? My first little boy friend Matt told me that we were going to get married because we both liked SuperFriends. Apparently that's how you gage compatibility when you're 5.
I would play Wonder Woman ALL. THE. TIME. I would put a blanket around my waist with a belt and wear a vest, visor, and plastic sunglasses with the lenses poked out and I WAS Diana Prince. Then I would spin around in circles and throw everything off. I became Wonder Woman. I even had the underoo's to prove it!
So here's a picture of me in my Turtle pool wearing my SuperSarah bathing suit. Notice my awesome bigwheel in the garage. I rocked!

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Ang said...

I found a Superwoman bag at Target. It has your name all over it...