Friday, June 13, 2008

Nostalgia Week--Happily Ever After

For my last post of Nostalgia Week, I thought I'd tell the story of how Spiderman and I met. I like to tell people that we were a blind date, or that he was my birthday present, but that's not exactly how it happened. It was a little more complicated than that. I had just ended a 4 1/2 year relationship and was devastated. Earlier that week I had found out that my "best friend" was now dating my ex on the same day that I received her Christmas Card in the mail. Nice. So when I was invited to my friend Rachelle's house for one of her notorious game parties I could use the cheering up. When I got there, her sister gave me a hug and asked did I know her brother-in-law? There stood Spiderman lookin' all cute. He was home from school for Christmas break and had just gotten out of a relationship himself. After looking at the matching grins of Rachelle and Jen I realized right away that this was a set-up. The evening went well and I found that Spiderman was not only a cutie, but extremely smart. (Huge turn-on for me.) Things didn't work out as he currently was away at school 6 hours away, and I just wasn't ready.
After almost two more years of some REALLY horrible blind dates it was my 25th birthday. My parents and several friends and I were all going out to a bar called Mighty Micks to celebrate. I wear what I call my "Birthday Tiara" every year and that was what Spiderman saw first when he came into the bar. He had been brought by Jen for me as a present as he had finally moved back into the area. He said "hey,'re wearing a tiara". (I know, you're totally swooning from the romance) the time Spiderman had gotten there I had been "celebrating" for a few hours already on an almost empty stomach. Apparently I'm very charming when I'm intoxicated and wearing a tiara because he agreed to go out on a date a few weeks later. We went to see a movie and hung out after in a nearby BW3's. He's extremely sarcastic with a dry wit and for several hours I couldn't tell if he was a huge asshole or really funny. I decided on the latter. Within two months he had moved in and 3 years later we were married.
Here is the first picture taken of us. It was at a friend of mine's wedding. I love this picture and have a framed copy on my dresser next to our wedding picture.


JackeeG4glamorous said...
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JackeeG4glamorous said...

Yeah you two were: Kid tested and mother approved.

Melanie said...

Cute! I love "how we met" stories.

Brandi said...

Was that the picture taken at Karens wedding in Chicago?
I have a picture that you took of me and Tim at that wedding.