Friday, January 30, 2009

My Students are Famous!

Here's a video my respiratory students made in class. I found it cute and thought I'd share it with you.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

The Fitted Sheet: The main reason I hate folding sheets.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wii Addict

I almost don't even need any more Wii games. Almost. (I still want Wii Fit and Guitar Hero.) Spiderman and I had fun making several new Mii's. They're almost more fun than playing the games. We made a Jesus Mii so that he can play golf. I think Jesus would like golf. He wouldn't have to worry about the water traps at least. And he would be used to the sand.
We also got a game called Playground games. It has slot car racing, tetherball, and dodgeball among others. It's actually pretty awesome.
I think I have a new addiction.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Age is Just A Number

I'm sad to say my Wii Fit age is 77 years.
In my defense, I still haven't quite gotten the hang of the controller yet.
But I will.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fateful Encounter

I was doing laundry last night and noticed that all my white socks have holes in the heels. I could barely find a pair that weren't threadbare enough to wear to work today.
So, I was driving home from work today and thought I'd stop at the local Target and buy some socks. Walking through my happy place I decided to take a swing by the electronics department. We received some Christmas money from my father this year and had been keeping an eye out for a Wii. Let me say, those puppies are hard to find. I have been making periodic checks at various stores, Target, Game Stop, Best Buy and Circuit City in the hopes of finding one.
What's up God? First you don't want me to have new boots, and now you don't want me to have a Wii? Don't you love me? Don't you want me to be happy????
So....back to my story. I'm walking past the displays in the electronic section and there it was.
One solitary Wii.
My Wii.
I almost hugged the guy who unlocked it for me so that I could buy it. Now I just have to figure out how to hook it up. Spiderman will be so happy when he comes home from work! I have a feeling that I'm not going to get a lot done the rest of this week.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Time Can Be a Scary Thing

This weekend Spiderman and I were at the mall. Not something we often do because neither of us can tolerate the crowds at the mall for very long anymore. We had to go because Spiderman got a new watch for Christmas and needed to have it sized. While we were waiting I was looking through the display cases at all the shiny new watches. What I found greatly disturbed me.
Have you guys seen these?

They're called 01 The One watches. They are Binary watches.
So what does that mean exactly?
It doesn't have numbers, only a series of dots.
This is how you read the watch:

Counting the dots? Adding them up? Doing math before you can tell time? WTF?!?
Is it just me or does this seem a little too complex?
Spiderman thought they were the coolest things ever... but he loves math.
Me, on the other hand, I'm content with my big and little hands pointing at exact numbers thankyouverymuch.
Life's complicated enough.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: Spiderman went to the grocery store today on his lunch hour so that I wouldn't have to.

The Bad: 3 week old baby Dead On Arrival.

The Ugly: I feel a monster migraine coming on.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

At Least She Didn't Lock Herself In the Bathroom.

I remember my first day of clinicals when I was a Respiratory student many, many moons ago. My friend Brandi and were clinical partners and we were at a local hospital together. This was the first time I had ever been inside a hospital before and we were both very nervous. We arrived with our crisp white scrubs (required to set us apart as students) and shiny new stethoscopes fresh from their cases. We weren't really even allowed to do anything that first day and every thing was a culture shock. Brandi and I had only been in the building for 30 minutes and were just finishing up a tour of the department when we heard the dreaded words Code Blue over the paging system. We looked at each other our eyes widening, our eager smiles being replaced by ones of fear. Surely, we wouldn't have to go to the code.... not on our first day? Our instructor ushered us out the door, into the elevator, and down the hall until we reached the room where the code was happening. I got to ambu bag the patient while Brandi did compressions. The guy was blue and did not survive the code. I was in shock. I'd never seen a dead body before. I'd been to wakes, but never wanted to go up to see the bodies. Curiosity took over. I poked his cheek. And then his shoulder. It was surreal. Brandi became very upset and locked herself in the bathroom while she cried. It took me a while to coax her out. It was a little overwhelming for us to have to perform CPR within the first 30 minutes of our very first day.
I tried to remember this today as my new set of students start their very first clinicals. I teach groups from two different Respiratory schools. One of the schools started today and the other starts tomorrow. When the student arrived this morning, I wasn't sure what we were going to do. I planned a hospital tour, but other than that had nothing else going on. I didn't want to freak her out. At least that was the plan. She got to see pulmonary function tests, arterial blood gases, ventilators, a car accident, and a premature baby that we had to place on an oscillator. We had a busy day.
I hope she comes back tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Bunnies

You've gotta love living in the Midwest. I think we've gotten more snow this winter than we did the past 5 years. I actually got stuck in my own driveway coming home from work this afternoon. WTF? It's GOT to stop sometime, this is freakin' ridiculous!To keep my mind off the piles and piles of snow, I thought I'd share this video from youtube. My sister showed this to me and I think it's hysterically cute.

With the side by side comparisons, she's almost spot on. You go little girl!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Big "Bang"

Ever since the very first time my mother cut my hair when I was a child I have had bangs. I was a teenager in the 90's, a time when the the bigger your teased, hair sprayed bangs were, the cooler you were. My bangs were a large part of my identity. When I was in college, I grew them out after several long months of headbands and barrettes. With this growth, I discovered a whole new world of ease. I no longer had to curl, or tease, or straighten my bangs. I could pull my hair back in a pony tail and go. I've been bang free for 9 years now.
Lately, I've been craving change. Flipping through magazines I've noticed the bang is back with a vengeance and I must say that I've been considering it. When I went for my hair appointment yesterday with my awesome hairdresser, we discussed the pro's and con's of going "full bang". Having been so long off the bang, she thought it best if I slowly segued into it. She cut longer side swept bangs.What do you think? I pulled my hair up so you could get the full bang effect. Keep in mind I worked a full day at the Chamber and really need to wash my hair.
Also make a note of the groovy new camera that Santa brought me.
I like them, but I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for the full bang just yet.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Freaky Friday

****Update**** I looked on and it mentioned that the following story was probably crap. But it would have been freaky if it were true.

At work today a coworker shared a story with us. It completely freaked me out.
Last weekend she was at a party with some friends and one of them told this story about their aunt.
The aunt had a pet ball python (why I don't know). She treated this python almost like a dog. Fed it, let it wander around the house and sleep in her bed. If a snake isn't kept in a cage or confined space, it can grow to be rather large. Especially a python. Hers was about the diameter of a pie plate. (and she let it sleep in her bed???) A little while ago she noticed that the snake had quit eating. It had been about three weeks and the aunt was starting to get worried. Like any good pet owner, she called the vet. The vet asked a few questions.
Was the snake confined, or did she let it wander free? She told him that she let it wander free.
Did the snake sleep coiled up or stretched out? She told him that it usually slept coiled up, but recently she noticed it was sleeping stretched out lengthwise. About the same time it had quit eating.
The vet told her to kill the snake.
It was planning to eat her.
That's why it was sleeping lengthwise. To measure how long she was.
That's why it hadn't eaten in 3 weeks. It was storing up for a feast.

How freaked out are you by this story?

Me too.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cake: The Saboteur

I know I made a resolution to be healthier. Then I made a cake. A yellow angel food cake to be more specific. I rolled the edges in powdered sugar and made a homemade chocolate frosting that drips down the sides. It's awesome. It's my most favorite cake in the whole wide world. I made it on Sunday and have eaten a piece (or two) every day since.
On the bright side, it goes perfectly with the resolution to do things that make me happy.
Nothing makes me happier than eating cake.
Except maybe a nap.
It's a toss up.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Good Start

I've made a good start on my resolutions.
I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. It helps that I wasn't feeling very well. I tend to let the laziness and sloth take over when I don't feel well.
Today, I went to sign up for my next knitting class. It starts a week from today and we're going to make a sweater. The projects keep getting more and more advanced, but I like it.
I also found a yoga class that I can go to starting next week. It meets on Wednesday nights. I may drag my mother along to join me.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: The Year of Sarah

I opened one bleary eye at the early hour of noon today. I'm a little hung over as I love me some champagne. I drank an entire bottle myself. I was clutching it while I played craps at a friend's party. There is a saying that how you spend New Year's day sets the tone for how your year is going to be. I certainly hope that's not true or I'll be spending 2009 hung over with cramps. I did go to Target because I want 2009 to be a happy year and that's my happy place. I have many goals for the new year. I like to use the term "goal" as opposed to "resolution". It sounds more productive.

Sarah's 2009 Goals
  1. I am going to work out again. I used to belong to a gym and went 4 times a week. When Spiderman and I moved, I quit the gym because we moved to the other side of town and I thought I'd join a closer and cheaper one. I never did. It's been a year. I need to get motivated again. I think I'll start running and maybe take a yoga class.
  2. I'm going to start going to church again. Excuse the pun, but I used to go religiously and when I started working weekends I just stopped. Now that I have Sundays off again I'm going to go back.
  3. I would say that 85% of everything I do are things I HAVE to do and don't enjoy. Going to work, cleaning house, paying bills. I have a lot of obligations. In 2009 I'm going to do more things I WANT to do. I used to play the piano...I'm going to get back into that.
  4. I'm letting go of things that are no longer useful to me. My life is clogged by clutter. I'm going to go through my drawers, cabinets, closets and head and remove things that are no longer helpful. I'm letting go of the jeans that are a smaller size in hopes of losing weight as well as any old grudges and hangups. None of these things allow me to move forward.
  5. I'm forcing myself to be more social. If left to my own devices, I rather enjoy being by myself. These tendencies mean that sometimes I'm lonely. This year I'm going to make new friends.
  6. I want to go take a vacation where I actually go somewhere. Spiderman and I haven't gone away somewhere since our honeymoon two years ago. We're due.
  7. I am going to try to relax more. I like to keep busy. I'm always doing something. I am also a chronic worrier. None of these things help me relax.

I think most of these are attainable goals.

What are your goals for 2009?