Monday, January 19, 2009

Time Can Be a Scary Thing

This weekend Spiderman and I were at the mall. Not something we often do because neither of us can tolerate the crowds at the mall for very long anymore. We had to go because Spiderman got a new watch for Christmas and needed to have it sized. While we were waiting I was looking through the display cases at all the shiny new watches. What I found greatly disturbed me.
Have you guys seen these?

They're called 01 The One watches. They are Binary watches.
So what does that mean exactly?
It doesn't have numbers, only a series of dots.
This is how you read the watch:

Counting the dots? Adding them up? Doing math before you can tell time? WTF?!?
Is it just me or does this seem a little too complex?
Spiderman thought they were the coolest things ever... but he loves math.
Me, on the other hand, I'm content with my big and little hands pointing at exact numbers thankyouverymuch.
Life's complicated enough.


JackeeG4glamorous said...

I think it might just be a guy thing. Not that they would really KNOW what the time, two, three, four...nah, I don't see guys doing all the math.

I'm with you! Or digital, for the lazy folks.

Rahsaan Taylor said...

That does look kinda cool. I agree, knowing the time is unnecessary if you have a cool watch like this.

Mimi's Toes said...

Just give me the large numbers on a Timex and I'm happy...although I do love my Bulova with diamonds as the numbers. Those kind of dots are ok.
I'm with you on the mall thing..I hate the crowds, so I try to stay away or just go in Carson's, my favorite store.

My Wonderful Men said...

Not much of a mall goer myself. I'll go to the outlet once in a blue moon because I have a teenager.

Anonymous said...

That watch makes my brain hurt.