Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Big "Bang"

Ever since the very first time my mother cut my hair when I was a child I have had bangs. I was a teenager in the 90's, a time when the the bigger your teased, hair sprayed bangs were, the cooler you were. My bangs were a large part of my identity. When I was in college, I grew them out after several long months of headbands and barrettes. With this growth, I discovered a whole new world of ease. I no longer had to curl, or tease, or straighten my bangs. I could pull my hair back in a pony tail and go. I've been bang free for 9 years now.
Lately, I've been craving change. Flipping through magazines I've noticed the bang is back with a vengeance and I must say that I've been considering it. When I went for my hair appointment yesterday with my awesome hairdresser, we discussed the pro's and con's of going "full bang". Having been so long off the bang, she thought it best if I slowly segued into it. She cut longer side swept bangs.What do you think? I pulled my hair up so you could get the full bang effect. Keep in mind I worked a full day at the Chamber and really need to wash my hair.
Also make a note of the groovy new camera that Santa brought me.
I like them, but I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for the full bang just yet.


Mimi's Toes said...

I am a bangs person. I think Bangs are in! I tried to comment on the little girl dancing and couldn't, so, I have to say, that was the cutest thing ever! She looks just like my grand-daughter, Abby.

Anonymous said...

It works for you. Very nice.

Jen said...

I have just the opposite issue. I keep trying to grow my bangs out but every time they get to that weird/awkward/in-between length, I give up on them and have them trimmed. I think the bangs will look good on you but you should part them a little further over so they come across your forehead more. It will probably take some getting use to though.

PS I like the color of your hair. Very pretty!