Thursday, January 22, 2009

Age is Just A Number

I'm sad to say my Wii Fit age is 77 years.
In my defense, I still haven't quite gotten the hang of the controller yet.
But I will.


Kolla said...

So far, my Wii Fit has done nothing but gravely insult friends and family that have stepped on it.
It is so much fun though, that I'll forgive it for making my avatar look a little round!

Mimi's Toes said...

Well, I must be in my 100's then. Don't give up. I can't wait to get one...soon!

Jen said...

Can't wait to get one of these! I'm really scared to know what my age is though.

Jen said...

Oh and I just wanted to reply to the comment you left on my post. You have a student that looks like Ryan Gosling?? Where do you teach? I may have to join your class. :)

PS If you don't mind, I'm stealing your Twilight button for my blog. LOVE it!!

My Wonderful Men said...

That's right age is just a number.
Prove it wrong girl!