Friday, May 30, 2008

Walk On Rockstars!

Today is the day we're going into Chicago to register for the Avon walk. Tomorrow morning it starts. I'm spending the day getting the rest of my donations in order so that I can hand them in tonight. As of now I raised $1,869! I'm grateful for everyone who supported me and this important cause. I'm also trying to pack (I tend to leave stuff behind) and "hydrate".
My friend Beth, wrote an amazing tribute to Rachelle on her blog. Please go over there and read about a truly amazing reason for walking. If it doesn't make you cry there's something wrong with you.
I'll be MIA this weekend, but when I come back I should have some great pictures of the walk.

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Melanie said...

Have a great time! Sending some no blisters vibes your way -------->