Friday, May 16, 2008

F'ing Friday

Today really sucked. I go into work at the Chamber of Horrors (I still have that stupid head cold) only to realize that we had a call off. That left 2 therapists to work. For the whole hospital. 60 something treatments and 5 vents per person. Plus...37 week twins waiting to be born. I made it through this hellish day by telling myself it was only 8 hours today. I was going home at 3pm. At 2:45pm I was told that "someone" had to stay over. Now I'm not sure if you're aware of this but "someone" at the Chamber is ALWAYS ME!
When I finally got out of there, I headed home thinking at least tonight is the season finale of another of my favorite shows, Moonlight. I made it home at 8pm just in time.
As I was watching/DVR'ing (I like to DVR some shows so that I can rewatch them later) I saw through the Comcast menu that it was the SERIES finale. Series finale? I quickly hopped onto the CBS website only to find it had been CANCELLED! Mother Fucker!!! Quick as lightning I composed a strongly worded complaint email to the CBS people telling them that I am forever boycotting all CBS shows and the entire CBS network because I don't support stupidity. I told them that it's not like they have all that many great shows on thier "old people" network and for the love of god keep Moonlight and not replace it with yet another CSI spinoff.
Maybe I should just go to bed.

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