Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Happy Place

This is what Kitty Heaven looks like.
All Tim needs in this life is a box and he's happy. A haven away from his annoying little brother. A Happy Place.
I wish I had something like that. I say all the time that Target is my Happy Place, but it's not someplace that is financially smart to go every day. Plus, there are other people....and lines. I wish I had someplace quiet to go when I'm feeling melancholy or just want a a treehouse in the back yard. My very own box. I already feel this way and I know the feeling will only increase as our soon(hopefully) to be conceived children start arriving. I'm left alone in my house a lot, but it's not the same. In the house there is always something to be done. Cleaning, laundry, paying bills, decorating. I want someplace where I can shut the door on everything I SHOULD be doing.
When I was growing up, all my little friends were boys. Actually, this continued all through high school and still today I relate better to men. I don't know why because I'm VERY girly. Maybe it's because I have a brother. mother was always encouraging me to stop playing Superfriends and Legos with my boy friends and go play with the little girls in the neighborhood.
There was one little girl in particular that my mother was always encouraging me to play with. She was my age, had two brothers, and kind of bratty. I honestly didn't really like her, but she had a tree house. With curtains. And walkie talkies that looked like real phones. A haven! I would take all my little girl junk and continuing story books (remember those?) and spend hours in her tree house.
I wonder if Spiderman would build me a tree house?

Sorry about the rambling post. But I DO want to remind you all that you have until tomorrow when I get off work to enter Sarah's Super Pay it Forward Contest. I'll announce the winners then!

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