Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wild Kingdom!

Here I was thinking I lived in a nice normal suburb. Apparently, where I REALLY live is a Zoo.
I was getting ready for dinner and happened to look out my kitchen window. There, at my bird feeder was....a freakin' RACCOON! What's next? Deer? A moose?
And when I went out there screeching did the raccoon run away? NO! It looked at me like I was annoying it until I was almost right by it. I could have smacked the thing. I was waving my arms around and screeching obscenities like an idiot and it finally decided "whoa this lady's nuts" and ran away.
I would have taken a picture, but I kinda freaked out because I've only had that bird feeder for a little over two weeks and Racoon's can be destructive. I'm gonna have to buy me a new feeder that's critter proof.


Lisa said...

We once camped in Turkey Run where the campground is run by raccoons. Then, the next week I had my picture taken holding a friend's pet raccoon!! What the heck was I thinking. We once had a possum climb up our deck, get through the doggy door, and stuck in our screened in porch.
Sounds like your little buddy, Chuck sent out invites to his woodland friends.

Lisa said...

That was a very random kind of comment. Sorry. I'm really tired. All that sun and relaxing you know.

Brandi said...

Racoons are horrible! I once found a possum in the bottom of one of our garbage cans, he had fallen in and could not get out. When I went ot put garbage in the can he scared the hell out of me.

Bob Stein said...

I've had some trouble feeding birds more than squirrels. They will chew holes in the plastic feeder because chewing ten sunflower seeds at a time is just too slow for them. We've caught them climbing up the windowframe so I sprayed it with WD-40 but that had its downside.