Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sweet Tooth

Any one who knows me knows that I have a sweet tooth. Well, actually it's more of a mouth full of sweet teeth. I LOVE all things sweet. Cake, cookies, pies, brownies, ice cream and finally...candy. I have so many candies that I like, that I can't even classify one as my favorite. I would say that anything chocolate takes the lead, but I still enjoy a non chocolate sweet too. It totally depends on my mood. Most of the time chocolate does the trick, but there are times that I crave a nice Sweet Tart or Hot Tamale, or Gummi Bear. I really love the big chewy Sweet Tarts.
This leads me to my story...
On grocery day my mother would often get the three of us candy from the 3 for $1 bin. Sometimes it was Nestle crunch bars or Butterfingers, sometimes it was chewy Sweet Tarts. My younger sister was in the habit of taking a bite and leaving them out. On one of these grocery days I walked into our bathroom and saw a pink chewy sweet tart sitting on the side of the sink closest to me. I was about 14/15 years old. I thought..."aha! She snoozes she loses", snatched up her tart and popped it into my mouth in one bite.
It was not a Sweet Tart.
It was soap.
I'm an idiot. Then I had to explain where my mother's new decorative soap went. I guess you could say it was my punishment for greedily eating my sister's "candy". Now if I see candy laying out I inspect it more carefully. I learned my lesson.


My Wonderful Men said...

That is too funny, my husband did something like that not to long ago but it was a candle that smelled like candy. Someone sent to me in the mail as a gift.


Lisa said...

That's so funny. What did your mom say? I'm betting she laughed until she cried. Hey it's tough to tell when so many soaps and candles smell like great food!

Brandi said...

You are only supposed to eat soap when your mom washed your mouth out with it when you talked bad!!!
I never heard that story from you I enjoyed it!!

Anonymous said...

I think I was about 9 before I realized the candy in the grocery store bins were not free. Oops!