Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miss Tori's Visit

Spiderman is out of town this weekend for is 3rd Fantasy Baseball Draft. (eye roll) That means I was a single gal all weekend. What did I do? Unfortunately, not much.
Friday night after I got off work, I ordered pizzas and my parents came over. We watched August Rush. Has anyone seen it? I really enjoyed it. I'm a music person, and the music in this movie was fabulous!

Saturday I did homework and laundry. That evening I went to visit Miss Tori-in town for the night with her mom Angie. I suggested we get her a black leather onsie and go out for a chick's night on the town. Angie suggested a bottle and a night in with Grandma. Oh well. Her mom and dad and I went out for drinks and adult conversation but not before I managed to gracefully fall down the stairs at Angie's mother's house. My butt hitting Every. Single. Step. (you should see the bruise on my butt Angie) Cuz' that's the way I roll..literally. It just wouldn't be a night out without me injuring myself!
Sometime today Spiderman is coming back home. Too bad, I rather enjoyed sleeping diagonally.

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Anonymous said...

My dad is curious to ask why you did not post pictures of the bruises you incurred from falling down the stairs... Ang