Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random Thoughts for a Thursday

Here are some random thoughts for you since I don't have a "real" post in me.
Plus...I love making lists.
  • Tonight is the first game of Spiderman's co-ed softball season. He plays on a team made up of people at work. The back of his jersey says....Spiderman.
  • I am making homemade spaghetti sauce right now in order to make a veggie lasagna. I use spinach and portobello mushrooms instead of meat. It's quite tasty.
  • I'm doing much better about my annoying co-worker and I think I have myself completely contained. I just had to tell myself that I don't really care how he acts. (also I have a small mantra of "He's not the boss of ME")
  • My dr's visit went well yesterday. I got a prescription for 3 more months of Clomid and he's scheduling me for a Hysterosalpingogram. That's were he injects dye into my uterus and fallopian tubes and it cleans out all the cobwebs or something. If I'm not pregnant by Christmas he's going to refer me to a fertility dr.
  • I have three large overflowing laundry baskets of clothes to fold and put away and I.Don't.Wanna.
  • My grandma left the hospital today. A huge sigh of relief was had by all.
  • It has been almost 2 whole days since I've had any chocolate and that is completely unlike me. I hope this doesn't become a trend.
  • I REALLY can't wait for the new TV season to start. I'm tired of the crap that's on now. I want my shows!!
  • I'm almost done with the 4th book in my Vampire series. I wonder if I'll go through withdrawals when I'm done.

That's all I've got today.


readsalot said...

Good luck with the doctor and the second round of Clomid!

Lisa said...

I'm so happy my hubby is only playing on one softball team this fall, and the summer games are officially over! Boo Yah! Your lasagan sounds yummy! I wish I liked to cook, because I like to eat, but I don't. I'm glad to hear about your Grandma going home from the hosp. Great news!
Have a fun weekend.

My Wonderful Men said...

I would love to read good news before Christmas. I'll be praying for ya.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Me and The Hubster play on a co-ed softball team, too. Again, one of those things no one told me would happen after we got married.

I will be doing a fertility dance for you guys this weekend.

If you're not watching "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood", Project Runway 5, or Million Dollar Listing then you probably have all your brain cells and have a reason to want quality programming back on TV.

Anonymous said...

Homemade spaghetti sauce kicks butt.

Mel, A Dramatic Mommy said...

************{Baby Dust}************