Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandi

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I was in a foul mood and I thought it best to not expose you to that. Anyway, this past weekend was my friend Brandi's birthday. She and I have been friends since the first day of Respiratory school. She approached me that first day to see if I wanted to eat lunch with her. Most of our class was slightly older than the two of us and I think we were looking for someone to relate to.
The two of us went to the cafeteria where I got a sandwich, chips, and a pop. She had brought a lunch from home. We began chatting about where we went to high school, our prerequisite classes, and general get-to-know-you stuff. Suddenly, Brandi spilled her entire can of peaches down the front of her shirt onto her pants. She claims that she was mortified and thought that I would NEVER want to be her friend. Little did she know that was the exact moment I knew we would be great friends. I'm super klutzy and that is exactly something I would have done. We were kindred spirits.
As the program continued we studied together and were clinical partners. Our very first day of clinicals was also the first time either of us had EVER been in a hospital before. (Well, I think Brandi might have been a patient once when she was very little, but that doesn't count) We were only there about a half an hour when there was a code blue called. Our instructor grabbed us and rushed us over to perform CPR (again, another first for the both of us). Unfortunately, the patient died. It was our first dead body. I had never seen one that close before. I started poking it. Brandi started bawling. She locked herself in the bathroom for an hour and wouldn't come out. It was traumatic. We eventually got over it and continued on.
It was also Brandi's fault that I was sprayed with mucus one day before lunch. She was in suctioning her patient and our instructor told me that we could eat when she was done. It seemed like she was taking a really. long. time. I thought I'd poke my head in the doorway to see what was taking her so long. "Brandi, hurry up so we can eat" was all I managed to get out before the patient coughed and a huge glob of green mucus flew across the room and hit me square in the forehead. Good times.
We jokingly say that we majored in Respiratory and minored in 90210. At one of our sites the instructor was very busy with other activities so when we weren't making rounds she would sit us in an empty waiting room that had a T.V. and other activities. Every day from 9-11am we would watch 2 back to back reruns of 90210, finish our paperwork, and put together puzzles. It was nice.
After graduation, we both began working at the same hospital and stayed friends even though we eventually moved on to different things. (Mostly Brandi, I'm still stuck in the Chamber)
Happy Birthday Brandi! I hope this year is a GREAT one!


Lisa said...

Friends rock! Especially ones that you can laugh about that stuff with. Happy birthday to Brandi!

Brandi said...

Those are some good memories!!! Seems like forever though. Thanks for the post dedicated to my Birthday, makes me feel very special. I am glad that we are such good friends and have remained that way.
We have to pick out next game night!!
Thanks again for everything.

My Wonderful Men said...

I like reading how friends became friends.
Happy Birthday Brandi!

Hope you had a great day!

The Coconut Diaries said...

You can never tell a heart warming story that involves mucus on your forehead. Icky!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

You had me at mucus....