Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Organizing Hell

Ok everyone. What you are about to see is extremely embarrassing for me, and I am only showing you guys because I REALLY like you. It could be because I can't think of anything else to post, but it's mostly because I like you.


Here is the current state of one of my spare bedrooms or as we like to refer to it: "The Office"
It has pretty much been this way since right after we moved in two years ago. And it has been driving me nuts for two whole years. So much so, that I try to not even go in there unless I absolutely have to.And it just keeps accumulating.
I have tried to organize things. I got these really nice plastic drawers for my scrap booking and other craft stuff, but it doesn't seem to help.

This summer I'm adding it to the list of my many projects. I need to tackle this before it gets even worse.

Anyone wanna help? Ideas? Suggestions? Manpower?


Anonymous said...

My "office" looked the same, maybe worse, and I think it was more than 5 years. I finally decided to get some help with it. A lady who cleans and organizes came and helped me. She was sooo worth it! I worked with her and we completed the room in no time. She also helped me with other projects. Worth the money!!

Anonymous said...

How did you get in my house and take these pictures?! I swear my office/spare bedroom/just throw it in this room with all the other crap looks just like this. I am getting a free organization consultation this month (thanks to Kijiji) and I'll share the results on my blog, so keep an eye out. It may just help you figure out what to do with all your stuff!

Tricia said...

Hey girl. This is the crazy woman in brown who stood in line with you for 3+ hours last Thursday. Your blog is awesome. I always knew that you were witty. (well, for at least the week that I have known you). I left a comment on your Mom's blog asking for the information on the books that you recommended, but I found a reference here. It was really great getting to know you. I hope that we can keep in touch. My e-mail is I will keep an eye on your blog for any new book rec. Take care and hang in there. 2 years is not a long time. IT WILL HAPPEN. Tricia Shelton

readsalot said...

I'm not much help because that is how my stuff usually looks until we have guests and I have to clean/hide everything. Good luck!

Tricia said...

Hey girl. I was scrolling down your blog and I saw your reference to "Alias". I loved that show. I guess that is just another thing that we have in common. Don't worry too much about the spare room/office. I have had one of those rooms in every house/apartment that I have ever lived in until now. It's not that I have less junk, I just have more cabinets to shove it into. Hope everything is going well with you and that you had a great holiday weekend.

Tricia Shelton
(your fellow Evanovich fan)

Jen said...

Congratulations! You won my personal organizing virtual consultation. I sent your email address to Julie and she should be contacting you soon. Good luck with your project! I can't wait to see the "after" pics!! :)