Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Eye Candy

Yesterday a coworker and I (shout-out to Jennifer!) went to see this movie.The Ugly Truth. You knew I'd have to see it because, Gerry? He's my boyfriend. I enjoyed the movie. (not just because of the man candy)It was crass raunchy humor, which I enjoy. His character Mike was a total ass, but you find yourself liking him anyway. Go figure. Of course, it helps having seen him like this:
You can kind of forgive him anything after looking at those abs. ***sigh***
You may remember this picture from a few months ago when I used Routan Babymaker 3000 to make our freaky looking child. It was pretty scary.
And here's one final picture. Just because I can. Isn't he dreamy? Don't you want to lick him all over? Ok.....Maybe that's just me.
Have you seen The Ugly Truth yet? Don't you just love him?


readsalot said...

I haven't seen The Ugle Truth yet but 0iKm glad you liked it. Every time I see Gerard Butler I laugh because my brother not only thinks that his abs in 300 were real, but also that they are obtainable without horrible, horrible drugs.

Brandi said...

I saw the ugly truth on Friday night and I loved it Loved it!!! He is awesome in the movie. He is an ass but he is just a manly man and you want him to pick you up and throw you down!!!!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

I saw the Ugly Truth with your sister Abbie on Saturday. He was an ass, but with a softer non-ass-ie side to him. (Ass Teflon was used in the movie for effect)
The premise was cute. Katherine Heigle (who was not mentioned at all in your movie review...duh) was cute in the movie too. She's quicky replacing Sandra Bullock as the romantic movie queen. Too bad, I LIKE her.