Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Brain is Feeling Random.

I have so many things floating around in my head so this is going to be a totally random post.
  • I have a new friend. His name is Shaun. He came over today and fixed the drain of my kitchen sink that has been stopped up since THURSDAY! You really can't put a price on being able to wash your pots and pans and run your dishwasher. Oh wait! You can. It's $250.
  • I know you all are wondering what I bought at Ikea a few weeks ago. I bought these: I purchased 4 of them to replace the dining chair that was broken at Spiderman's 30th Birthday party. Broken chair + drunk men = bonfire. In my driveway.
    I know
  • Also on my vacation I went to Shipshewana. At the flea market there, I found this cute table for my entryway.
Don't the Amish make cute furniture? I'm debating painting it black to match my dining chairs.
  • This past weekend my sister and mother and I had a garage sale. At my mothers because no one really ever wants to have one of those at their own house. It's a lot of clean up. Here are some of the highlights.
Notice my sister wrote "Good Deal" at the bottom of the sign. Thanks Abbie. We never would have figured out what a deal an entire set of pots and pans (with lids) was for $7.50 if you hadn't added that! A+ for your marketing skills.

My niece set up a lemonade stand because the day was stiflingly hot. Most of her patrons were my sister.

Yeah...... my mom apparently bought the two of us matching blouses. That we both sold.

This one was my favorite. Notice the tag: Bag of Knives?? My mother just threw some random knives in a bag and sold it. Go figure. I always wonder about the people who buy my old crap. And whoever buys this? We should probably be afraid of. But by having this garage sale I did find a place to get rid of some of my old books. So there's that.
  • Apparently, according to a new study I will have a harder time recovering from a spinal injury because I don't like blue M&M's. I'm sorry. They're just wrong.

And Finally,

  • In 4-6 weeks I will be able to leave the country at a moment's notice any time I want.

I know it was random, but I can't help it. My brain feels scattered today.


readsalot said...

I love the chairs. They remind me of our furniture. Don't worry about feeling random; I normally feel that way.

Mimi's Toes said...

Love random thoughts. Love the black chairs and shelf. Isn't it amazing what people will buy at yard sales? Man, I would have bought those pots and pans...that is a great deal! I had one too this summer and got rid of a lot of junk/stuff.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Uh, YOU AND I bought those matching shirts. TOGETHER. We swore at the time that we liked them and no one would ever see us together in them, so it didn't matter. Guess we fell out of love with them.