Monday, June 29, 2009

Sandals and Snowshoes

I went out today in search of new sandals. And new sunglasses. And maybe a few other summer outfit items. There was hardly anything left.

I mean, it is still summer right?

That's one of the many things I hate about the retail world. They rush things. It's only a matter of weeks till they put out the fall clothes. Maybe I'm one of those instant gratification people who like to wear the clothes immediately after purchase. I don't like to have to put them away until the weather suits.

The spring is not only full of rain and 50 degree weather, but shorts and bathing suits. The summer is in the 90's, sweltering, and humid enough to make me temporarily retire my flat iron. Not exactly the kind of weather that makes me yearn for the wools and cable knits in burnt oranges and browns that are so cozy in the fall.

I remember growing up my mother would take us school shopping. We'd buy corduroy jumpers and new jeans and other school type clothes. Then we'd have to wait what seemed like an endless amount of time until the weather got cool enough so we could wear them. I mean, what good are Guess Jeans or an I.O.U. sweatshirt if you cannot wear it immediately to school? How will people know that you've advanced in coolness over the summer? How????

Anyway....I implore you, retail world, to SLOW DOWN and let us enjoy the current season.

And try to keep the Christmas decorations put away until at least after Halloween this year.

It's wrong.


thecoconutdiaries said...

Yeah! I actually saw a place with a Xmas decoration section.

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