Saturday, August 8, 2009

Winner and G.I. Joe

So I went to and let them pick a winner for my Free Stuff Friday.
The number it came up with was.....3!
That means that the winner is Misti! I know Misti IRL so this will save on postage. I'll get that bag to you ASAP!

So what else is new?
I went to see G.I. Joe today. The review I read was awful, but I tend to think that movie reviewers in general are pretentious. I think they secretly hate all movies. I mean, what the heck did they expect going to see a movie, based on a cartoon, called G.I.Joe? Shakespeare? Ummm....I don't think so. You should go expecting stuff to get blown the hell up and lots of ass kicking and special effects. Which there was.

My experience was enhanced by the little guy sitting behind me. He was about 5 or 6 years old and his raw enthusiasm was contagious. His exclamations of Awesome! and Suckers! along with double thumbs up and fist pumping were cracking me up.

That, I think, is a far better review than some stodgy old movie critic could ever supply.


Heidi said...

That bites! Congrats though to Misti!

P.S. Don't leave it out at work, I'll take it! Hee hee

Misti said...

What!! I won!!! I'm so excited. Usually I dont sign up for anything because I'm a complete loser. I'm so excited. I can't wait to show it off to Heidi. HAHA