Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Assembly Required

Monday afternoon my sideboard arrived. Here it is in all its beauteousness. It is currently empty as I haven't had a chance to sort through the stuff in my crawlspace.
Isn't it lovely?

It did not come looking this lovely. It came in a million pieces that required assembling.

And the assembling? It required two people. I put together most of it myself, but when it came time to put on the back and the front doors, I required some assistance. My mother saved the day when she stopped by on her way home from work to help me. I held things in place while she screwed them in. My mother loves to screw. Her words, not mine. She also loves a good pun. mental eye roll All she required in return for this help? 3 hard boiled eggs to take home in a baggy. I'd say that's pretty cheap labor wouldn't you?

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