Friday, March 20, 2009

A Double Whammy

Not so much a good day here in the Spoonful household. Actually it's the perfect end to a really crappy week. But I'm going to try to be positive. I'm positive that I need a glass of wine.....or maybe a bottle.
So here's the general gist of my shitty day.

A. You know my new position? The one as educator? The one that has made me love my job again and rediscover what got me into Respiratory to begin with? The one that allowed me to have a normal schedule and to have some semblance of a life?
It's been eliminated. No more students after the end of this semester. Because, you know, it's all about the $$ and clinical educating isn't something you can bill for. That's really smart on their part seeing as how in the last two years we have hired 15 new employees all of which had been new graduates that had been at the Chamber of Horrors for clinicals. Students are good for recruiting. And we desperately need staff and will continue to need staff for a while.

Lest I sound bitter, here's the bright side of this news. I'm not losing my job completely. I will just go back to being a staff therapist. I kind of missed working 12 hour shifts and having extra days off. Mon-Fri can be a little tiresome. I won't be salary anymore which means I can pick up extra shifts to make a little more money to pay for all my medical bills.

Medical Bills?

B. Oh yeah, I also found out that I'm not pregnant today. That the painful, expensive procedure that required me taking time off work for didn't work. That all the crazy hormones, and shots, and tests were for nothing. Awesome!

The bright side of this? I know, it's hard to find, but I knew what I was getting into with this one. I knew that it might not work. I was even prepared for it to take a couple of trys. The doctor told me it probably would.
So we'll try again. It may take one or two more attempts for this to work. I can do that.
I just wish I hadn't received this information all in the same day, within a couple of hours of each other.
It really sucks.

The good news about not being pregnant?

At least I can drink.


Anonymous said...

Crappy news always arrives in multiples! Me and my husband have a running joke...I was lamenting on the phone what a crappy day I was having and blurted out I may as well enjoy the crappy day and realize nothing is going to get done...So now when we are having a crappy day we say "Enjoy your crappy day!"

Sorry about the pregnancy stuff. One of my close girlfriends went through something similar and actually conceived on there own quite by accident...twins! Hope you have a happy accident!

Jen said...

That's a lot of bad news in one week. Sorry to hear about it. Hope things start looking up very soon. In the meantime, enjoy your wine. :)

Mimi's Toes said...

OMG...When I first read about you needing wine, I thought, what if she's pregnant? Then I read your ending and YAY for the wine, but sorry about your bad day of news. Relax and just know that good things come to good people...and you are a good person!