Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Designer's Challenge: Bathroom

For some unknown reason, I feel the need to completely redecorate my home. I think it's because almost all the colors were picked out by the previous owners. In the two year's I've lived here, I've made a few changes. I painted my living room, and bedroom.

What I really want to tackle next is the bathroom that adjoins my bedroom. The paint is old and marked up, and it needs painting badly. I figure that since I have to paint it anyway, I might as well change the whole think up. I'm tired of the colors.
Here's what it currently looks like (it's much bigger than this, obviously, but you get the idea of the current colors.)
Here's where the challenge comes in for you: What color scheme would you pick? I'll take suggestions as to colors, a particular shower curtain, etc.

I'm looking for ideas, people. Help!


Anonymous said...

I said if I ever got a house, I'd want it to look like a hotel/spa. For the bathroom, I like tranquility in whites, and seafoams, and misty greens. Good luck!

readsalot said...

Ours has a great green that is lighter than a sage color but it is very calming. We have that and a chocolatey brown.

Robin said...

We have been talking a lot about color on the walls over here too. For a bathroom, I love the idea of a cool, light gray wall color with crisp white and navy towels and some black & white photography on the walls.

Whatever you do, post pics!

Mimi's Toes said...

I sponge painted both of my bathrooms with a natural sponge and I still love it after many years. I love earthtones to give a clean look. My upstairs bathroom has shower curtain with lighthouses and I sponge painted the walls light blue and we have a light grey ceramic tile in the bathtub area. My downstairs bathroom is sponge painted a seafoam green with beiges. I took a wallpaper border of colorful tulips and ran in the middle of the room and up around top of door. I just get creative and don't really have much of a plan and design as I go. Can't wait to see what you pick.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

It would be a great start for you to find a central theme you LOVE...like a shower curtain, or those cool prints on the wall above your bath.
Then expound on that with complementary colors.

Your bedroom is bold colors. Say you find a crisp light blue almost gray for the walls, and then a complimentary colored shower curtain and window curtain.
I'd love to shot with you!!!!