Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Eye Candy

I just finished working 7 shifts in 8 days. Needless to say I'm exhausted, have a headache, and in a generally grumpy mood. I could use some cheering up, so I'm taking my cue from Jen and starting a new feature, Monday Eye Candy. Everyone needs some cheering up on Monday's right?

And what cheers you up more than looking at pretty boys? Yes, I'm married, but I am neither blind nor dead so here's this week's pick:
Chris Pine. His new movie Star Trek, came out this weekend. I have yet to see it, but come on, he's hot and the trailer looks awesome. I can completely ignore the fact that he was in the Princess Diaries sequel and a Lindsay Lohan movie because his role in Smokin' Aces? Completely unrecognizable.

Also? His father is Robert Pine. You know, from CHIPS? The blond guy that wasn't Eric Estrada. So acting is probably in his blood.

So tell me ladies...what's your opinion on Chris?
Have you seen the new Star Trek?


readsalot said...

He was on Saturday Night Live this week doing a cameo and yum. Just yum. I don't think I'll put up too much of a fight when the hubby wants to go see this movie.

Jen said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading/commenting so sorry for taking so long to come over and say thanks for the linkage!! I am so excited that you are doing this. Have I featured your guys yet on Fri Eye Candy? I can't remember. If not, let me know if you want me to put them up.

Chris Pine...he did the impossible. He made Star Trek sexy and something I might consider seeing.