Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shitty Day at the Chamber of Horrors

If my life was a book today it would be titled : Sarah and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
My boss's boss thinks that educating the students isn't enough work and I should be doing more. She has no idea what it is I do. She's been bugging two other people in our department on the management "team" that we don't work. HELLO? Could it be that you have NO IDEA what it is we actually DO all day? Has she ever followed us? No. Is she even an RT (respiratory therapist)? NO, she's a nurse....and nursing is a whole Different job. (not to knock nurses...but it's like comparing apples to oranges)
She also only comes to check on our department between the hours of noon and one pm. Then she complains that everyone was sitting and no one does any work. Again...what are you mentally challenged? It's freakin' lunch time! Of course we're all sitting there. We're EATING! By law we're allowed a lunch break. Most of the time we don't even get that.
I don't think she should take a small sampling of our time and incorrectly use it to determine our productivity. She never sees us on the floors working our butts off (I wish that were literally true, I'd be so skinny!) She doesn't take notice of the countless times we all work straight through our breaks when we're down in CT or MRI or I don't know....saving people's lives.

Deep Breaths

More Deep Breaths

Okay, I'm better now. I just had to rant a bit. I seem to be doing a lot of that here lately, but it's cheaper than therapy and right now I'm poor. I think after this day I need to put on my toasty flannel nightgown and make a homemade pizza. Sometimes, pizza fixes everything.


Trauma Junkie said...

Seriously, your boss is a nurse?

That is just plain weird. How can he/she ensure the department is running smoothly and that stuff is getting done without an advanced knowledge of the respiratory system?

JackeeG4glamorous said...

I don't know many nurses who really NURSE anymore. But that's another post. Maybe it's time you EDUCATE her, quit taking it so very personal and show her what it is you do.

I hope you relax tonight, take it easy. OOOHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Have a mantra. Watch Christmas Specials.
Repeat, Hugh Jackman is at my door in tight pants...again, come on I can't hear you.

My Wonderful Men said...

That's strange for a nurse to be in charge of your dept., but stranger thing do go on.
Don't you wish when you left work there was a magic pill you could take that would release you from all your stress?
I hope things get better for you.

The Coconut Diaries said...

Pizza and cookies.

Anonymous said...

I find your use of the term "mentally challenged" offensive. In the future, your audience would feel more comfortable if you referred to hospital administrators/executives as "damn retards."
Thank you.

Mimi's Toes said...

Sometimes things are just plain unfair. Sorry you had to deal with that. I hope the atmosphere improves for you.