Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jonas Brothers Wrapping Paper?!?

I was shopping with my mother yesterday at Target. We were in the Christmas section and looking at wrapping paper. I am banned from buying wrapping paper this year. Every year I keep buying more and forgetting the rolls I had left over from the previous year. Let me just tell you, I have a LOT of paper. Anyway....we were looking at the paper and came across a roll of Jonas Brothers wrapping paper. I made her promise me that none of my presents would be wrapped in this paper. Then I started to wonder. Who were MY Jonas Brothers? Surely I was never a boy-crazy little girl buying teenie bopper magazines and hanging pictures on my wall. Then I remembered.
Exhibit A: Ralph Macchio
I distinctly remember an argument with another little girl in the neighborhood about who was going to marry Ralph that resulted in me taking my stash of My Little Ponies and going home. In case you were wondering, neither of us married him.
Exhibit B: Kirk Cameron
Oh, how I loved Kirk. I used to write Sarah Cameron on all my folders and watched Growing Pains regularly. I cut his pictures out of TeenBop. My mother would not let me thumb tack them to the wall, but we compromised. I was able to get a large bulletin board and hang the pics on that. Sigh. He was dreamy.
Exhibit C and D: The Boys of 90210
When I was in Junior High these boys replaced Kirk on my Wall of Fame. I never could decide who I liked better, but I knew for sure that I hated Shannon Doherty.
Exhibit E: Dean Cain aka Superman

Oh, yeah. I tuned in every week to watch this man in his tights. Come on, who wouldn't? He filled the suit out very nicely.

Maybe I was being too harsh of today's little girls and their Jonas Brother paper. I definitely could have seen myself begging for presents wrapped up in any of these guys way back when.

So tell me, Who were YOUR Jonas Brothers?


JackeeG4glamorous said...

I am embarressed to say, I would have loved "Bobby Sherman" wrapping paper. I had a life sized Mark Spitz poster on the back of my closet door. He was wet, and in a red/white & blue speedo with his metals. ohhhh.

I am old. But I guess you're right, You Go Little Jonas Lovers!

Intubate Em!!! said...

George Michael
Michael J Fox
Simon Lebon
Jon Bon Jovi (still love him)

I have a 5 year old who would just die if her presents were wrapped in the Jonas Brothers! Thanks for the idea!

MelADramatic Mommy said...

I started going to a church youth group in high school. Kirk Cameron's church. He went on a water ski trip with the group. And? I went out to breakfast with him and some other members of the group. It was awesome.

Mimi's Toes said...

I am with your mom on this one, since we are around the same age. I loved Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy and Donnie Osmond. I had a poster of all these dreamy guys. Cute post! And quit with the buying of the wrapping paper!

Anonymous said...

Will Wheaton (we share b-days)
Malcolm Jamaal-Warner (Theo Huxtable)
Dwayne Wayne (His real name??)
Andrew McCarthy
Donnie Wahlberg
New Edition

Lisa said...

I had that same picture of Ralph on my wall! The others were Michael J. Fox, and Kirk Cameron. My girls aren't into the Jonas Bros. They are more the cute animal lovers and would rather have their gifts wrapped in paper with dogs on it. The oldest is into her guitar and if I could find Fender paper I WOULD wrap all of her gifts in it!

flurrious said...

I would like to say something perfectly respectable like, "oh, my Jonas Brothers were Al Pacino and Sir Lawrence Olivier." Unfortunately, I distinctly remember having a David Cassidy poster on my wall. At least it wasn't Shaun, that hack.

(Ahem. Also, The Fonz.)

Jen said...

Fun post! I have way too many old crushes to even begin to list here, but I will say that Kirk Cameron was one of them. He was dreamy! I think I may have to do a retro Friday Eye Candy post with all my old crushes.