Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cooking with Spoonful of Sarah

Easy-Peasy Chicken Pot Pies
I recently discovered that making homemade individual pot pies is extremely simple. They're wonderful to have on a cold snowy day and they hardly take any time at all.

Purchase Pillsbury ready-made pie crusts. Bring them to room temperature in the refrigerator until ready to use. For the sake of this recipe, I'm going to make two individual pies.
Next, you'll need individual oven safe mini casserole dishes. I recently purchased these at Pier One. I love them.
Unroll the pie crust and place the dish upside down and cut a circle slightly larger than the dish. I would say about 1/2 an inch to a whole inch. (Depends on how much you like the crust) You will need two of these for each dish.
The rest is just assembling. You'll need a large family size can of cream of chicken soup. (or two regular size cans) Put in a sauce pan. Add to that about a cup of either water or chicken broth.
To the pan add cooked and cubed/shredded chicken. (again your preference) I use 1 chicken breast. Cook on low heat until the soup becomes smooth. It tends to be thick and chunky when it comes out of the can.
Turn off the heat and add half a bag of frozen mixed veggies. Stir mixture until the veggies are evenly covered and distributed into the soup.
Season the soup mixture with salt and pepper to taste and pour into the mini casserole dishes. I like them with lots of pepper.
Place the two circles of crust over the dishes tucking the sides to the edge of the dish. Don't forget to cut two slits into the crust to ventilate. I forgot this once and the pot pie exploded a little. It wasn't pretty.
Finally, place the pot pies on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for about thirty minutes. You'll want to bake them until the crust is golden brown.
These smell so yummy when they are finished! I always burn the roof of my mouth because
I can never wait until they are completely cool to eat them. I'm getting hungry just looking at the picture!

Bon Appetite!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful winter's day recipe! YUM!

My Wonderful Men said...

I make these, but I make pie size for the family. It's along the the same lines and so true, very good!
I always wanted to try the smaller ones. I think I know what I'll be making one day this week.

The Coconut Diaries said...

I was proud of myself for making lasagne last you've totally stolen my thunder! But it looks good, so I don't care.

Mimi's Toes said...

These look so good...I need to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.