Friday, October 3, 2008

A Shout Out.....Seriously?

Did everyone watch the debates last night? Do any of you seriously think that after that debate Sarah Palin is capable of potentially being the president? Can she even spell the word president? Because not many folksey, "main street Americans" can. Here's what annoyed me about the whole thing.
  • It irritated me that she used phrases like "Joe six-pack" and "hockey mom's. Quit trying to sound like the rest of us. You're not like us, you're the governor of the U.S.'s largest state. Last time I checked I wasn't a governor. I can barely make my cats listen to me.
  • It's Nu-cle-ar. It's NOT Nu-cu-lar. The moderator got it right. So did Biden. (This is one of Spiderman's biggest pet peeves and I tired from hearing about it last night)
  • Did she really "give a shout out" to some third graders? Is that appropriate behavior for a political debate?
  • I wished she would have actually answered the questions that were asked of her and not the ones she was coached to answer.
  • She must have said the word "maverick" 10 times. Again....annoying.
  • I think it's condescending to women that
    a. they think that women will vote for her ONLY because she's a woman
    b. this is the best female republican that they could come up with?
  • It made me cringe every time she winked at the camera.
  • The fact that she is supposed to be a role model for women when she blatantly uses her sexuality and "cuteness" instead of her brain. She is not Shirley Temple nor are her gimmicks "cute".
  • It pisses me off that she is sullying the name of Sarah. The rest of us totally Rock!
I'm sure Biden was thinking that she was making him look REALLY awesome. In fact, I'm not convinced that she isn't a little bit retarded. I think my IQ dropped a little bit just watching her.


MelADramatic Mommy said...

I giggled a little at this. Make sure you see what I put up tomorrow.

Michelle said...

The sad thing is that she still did better than everyone expected.

My Wonderful Men said...

The thing that I like about the debate was after Sarah gave her speech - I so relate to the people because blah, blah, Biden then came back with his story of how he lost his wife and child and then raised the other two sons as a single parent. Swoosh! Palin women are not the only people who raise families have have hard times. When he choked up I started to choke up. She is very annoying.