Monday, October 27, 2008

Projects...How I Love Them!

This weekend I started several projects. I went to my first knitting class on Saturday. I was concentrating on learning how to cast on, knit, and pearl that the 2 hours flew by. I did have a headache when I was done....probably from thinking too hard. I can see how the repetitiveness will help to soothe me, once I know what I'm doing. They gave us an instructional booklet and it has several patterns in it for once I master the stitches. I have my eyes on kitty sweaters. Spiderman just groaned when I pointed them out. Matching argyle kitty sweaters? How cute would that be! (again, I really need some kids)
On Sunday my mother came over. I have been looking for a new bedspread for about a year now and I just can't find a pattern or colors that I like. I really love the one I have, but it is made out of a silky material and the kitty's claws completely wrecked it. So, I decided to make one. I bought all the material and my mother and I cut all the squares yesterday. Now I just have to sew them together and we'll be all set! I'll post the pics when I'm done. Unless it turns out awful. Then you will never hear mention of it again.
With these and work and school and the impending holidays I should be keeping myself pretty busy. If this doesn't snap me out of my funk I don't know what will!


My Wonderful Men said...

I'll be waiting for the pictures.

I have so many projects started but no finish date marked on the calendar. UGH!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

It was about this time of year that I started to knit! Once you get the groove it is such great therapy!


keepbreathing said...

Having a hobby is always good...makes the time pass and whatnot. Should be some good pics!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

I can't wait to help you assemble the bedspread Sarah! I enjoyed my afternoon with you tremendously!