Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day of Trauma

Today was a busy day at work. Wednesdays are always busy. I have two sets of students. We have two local schools that offer Respiratory programs and I'm the clinical instructor for both. One group comes the beginning of the week and the other comes at the end. On Wednesdays they overlap. It's a little stressful since the programs are different and teach at a completely different pace. There's a huge gap in the knowledge and skills between the two schools as each is in a different place in the program. This makes for a busy day keeping these students entertained while teaching them something and also preventing them from doing bodily harm. My day was just about ending. I had let the students leave an hour early and was going to play catch up on some of my paperwork. Then I got the page. They were shutting down power to an entire wing of the hospital. Unfortunately, this was the wing where both our Cardiac ICU and Neuro ICU are located. We had to move all the patients on life support out of the ICU's and to another wing. It was great fun and exactly how I wanted to end my workday.
When I finally got home I looked out my patio door to find a young raccoon gimping around my backyard. It looked to have a broken leg and was shaking so bad it could hardly get the birdseed it was so frantically trying to get to. Now I don't know why, but this greatly upsets me. I cannot bear to see any animal suffer like this. It keeps wiggling around and is now laying panting and shaking on my back porch. The kitties keep pacing back and forth and banging on the glass. I called animal control and they said it would be several hours before they could get here because "bubba" is out on the boat. I'm sorry, isn't this thier JOB? Isn't this what they get PAID for? I know I sound a little crazy, I don't even get this worked up when I see people suffer. (I think you get numb to it) But this little guy has been laying here struggling for 2 hours now and I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE! I hope they come soon before I'm completely traumatized for life.


My Wonderful Men said...

So you are going to tell us what ended up happening to the little guy?????

Lisa said...

I hope the little raccoon is okay.