Friday, September 5, 2008

9021 0h my!

I finally watched it. Spiderman left me alone and kept his snarky comments to himself (distracted by the first game of the football season).
Here are my thoughts:
  • I am totally curious about Kelly's baby daddy. My sister called me halfway through to discuss. We think it could possibly be Brandon...who knows?
  • The plagiarized English paper...anyone else see that coming?
  • Annie, the new "Brenda" was a little too naive and cheesy for me. What, has she NEVER been on a plane before?
  • I LOVE that Rob Estes is in this. I have always dug him since way back when he was on Silk Stalkings. (am I the only person who ever watched that, I mean it was quality TV) I also think that the young teacher has cute potential.
  • Lacrosse? Seriously?
  • Nat got really old.
  • The Peach Pit is a coffee bar now?
  • The grandma is too funny. Lots of good one liners.

Overall I enjoyed the show enough to give it a few more episodes. It retained some of the wholesomeness and cheesyness of the original series. (which I liked) And also there seems like there will be some interesting drama to come.


My Wonderful Men said...

I never watched this show when it was on. So it's back on again and they are older now?

Lisa said...

I never watched it either. A lot of people seem to be blogging about it and are pretty excited that it's back.

Ang said...

I actually enjoyed it and almost called you. I thought it would be too cheesy and I'd hate it. But I walked away from the first episode wondering what would happen this week...