Monday, December 7, 2009

Witchy Tendencies

Have I mentioned before that I'm a witch?

Because apparently I am.

We have a girl at work who was pregnant and due on Nov 30th. I've been taking this new migraine medication and it is giving me whacked, vivid dreams. So on the 22nd I had this dream that my co-worker was sleeping over at my house. Cuz sure, that could happen. In the middle of the night she wakes me up claiming to have wet the bed. I went into the room and pulled back the blankets and felt the sheets (which were bright blue jersey material by the way, I know crazy vivid). I told her that no, she didn't wet the bed her water broke. I then said that I'd drive her to the hospital, but first we'd have to call work to tell them I'd be late. Next thing I know we're walking down this alley with a tall wooden fence to a car I don't recognize and I drive her to the hospital. Crazy, right?

I went in to work the next morning convinced that she was going to have her baby. Everyone was like " Sure Sarah" and rolling their eyes. Later that day as I was doing my 11am rounds, my boss called me to tell me that she had gone into labor.
How awesome is that?

Unfortunately, now I'm nervous that all of my wacky dreams are going to come true. Like the one where Spiderman was cheating on me with a threesome that I walked into. I was mad at him all day for that one. He thinks I'm losing my mind. He may be right.


Jen said...

I had a dream last year that a guy at my husband's work had a heart attack. His symptom was an upset stomach. I woke up from the dream and called my husband to tell him about it. He told me that the guy just left because of a stomach ache. I told him to call him right away to tell him of my dream. He didn't want to. I finally convinced him to call. In the end, the guy didn't have a heart attack, but I felt like it was a CRAZY coincidence. Almost too crazy!

Oh and I have those horrible dreams where my husband is cheating too. I always get made at him for it too! :)

Anonymous said...
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JackeeG4glamorous said...

By the way, I hate your anonymous SPAM commentor!
Could you use your witch powers to "wish him/her" away?

thecoconutdiaries said...

That medication sounds fun. Maybe you can sell it on the black market!

Amanda said...

I've had a few of those weird coincidence dreams. The strangest one was a dream that my mom would attempt to color her hair dark brown but something reacted to turn it red. The next day, the very thing happened.