Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Totally Random

Today I'm feeling kinda random and can't really pull it together to post about one thing so here's a hodge podge of what's on my mind:
  • I spent a large portion of yesterday trying to remember the names of the Chippettes. All I could think of was Jeannette and Eleanor. I finally had to google it to come up with Brittany.
  • I finally got motivated to purchase and wrap almost all of my Christmas presents. How awesome am I?
  • I REEEAAAALLLLLLY want to take a nap right now.
  • Just as suddenly as the kitties started fighting to the death they stopped. It makes me nervous. Like they're plotting something.
  • While watching the Vampire Diaries last night I became very aware of how much Ian Sommerhalder looks like a young Rob Lowe.
Am I the only one who's noticed this?
So yeah, that's all I've got. Is anyone else finding it hard to focus this time of year?


Kristan said...

DEFINITELY lookalikes!

Shannon said...

Daily naps are my guiltiest pleasure.

I couldn't have come up with ANY of the Chipettes names' if my life had depended on it! HA!