Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Reasons Girls will like New Moon

***Contains no spoilers as I don't want to ruin anything for you.***

  1. New Moon very closely followed the book...almost to a fault.
  2. Taylor Lautner without a shirt.
  3. Girls like sparkly things and Vampires are sparkly.
  4. Every gal secretly wishes that she'd be involved in a love triangle. Admit it.
  5. A soaking wet Taylor Lautner without a shirt.
  6. The wolf special effects were really awesome. They were pretty life-like.
  7. The scene where Bella, Jacob and Mike go to the movies is highly entertaining. Those of you who saw the movie know to what I'm referring to.
  8. I enjoyed meeting the Volturi. They were perfectly cast in my opinion.
  9. The courtyard scene was exactly as it was in my imagination.
  10. Did I mention Taylor? Shirtless? For most of the movie?


Jen said...

LOL!! I totally agree with your NM review. Loved the movie scene and totally agree about the Volturi being cast well. And of course Taylor was super hot in this movie!! I'm so glad they kept him as Jacob. He really stepped up for this role!

thecoconutdiaries said...

I couldn't keep myself from squealing when Jacob took his shirt off. Bella is an effing fool. I wish they'd spent more time with The Volturi and, as a brown person, was very curious as to why the human receptionist was no longer brown like she was in the book. I was all set to see some hot Rhianna look-alike there!