Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random Blog Search

Am I the only crazy person who checks their blog stats? I don't do it every day (although I used to when I first started this blog) I check it maybe once a week if I remember. There's a section for when people search for certain key words and your blog comes up.

Sometimes I'm amused by what brings people to my little corner of the interweb.

For example: marshmallow peeps
What the heck are they looking for? Has she posted about them?

the best most awesomest cake in the world
True, my birthday cake was pretty damn awesome. With all that chocolate icing dripping down the sides.....Great, now I want cake.

god doesn't want me to be happy
So maybe that was a little bit dramatic....but I still haven't gotten those boots!

I wonder, do you think that the people searching for these were intending to get my blog? If not, I wonder if they think I'm crazy.


Shannon said...

Not only is it the crazy things people Google... but Google itself! How does Google send someone who typed in "i eat but my stomach still growls" to my blog?!??

Robin said...

Ha! I would check if I knew how...will you enlighten me??

Anonymous said...

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